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The difference between multi axis drilling machine tapping machine combined machine tool and general machine tool

the general machine tool of multi axis drilling and tapping is for the combined machine tool of multi axis drilling machine and multi axis tapping machine. It can be applied to a certain process of processing products of different sizes and shapes. Modular machine tools are machine tools for specific products

common components of modular machine tools of multi axis drilling machine and multi axis tapping machine include: bed, side base, base (including middle base and column base), column, power box, power slide, multi axis device, various power heads, etc. It is applicable to some multi station modular machine tools processed in sequence It also has a mobile workbench or a rotary workbench. The power box, various process power heads, and the power slide are the power components of the modular machine tool to complete the main cutting motion or feed motion. It is the most basic part of modular machine tools to achieve the best use effect. Among them, there is also a power head that can complete the main cutting motion and feed motion at the same time. The power part that can only complete the feeding movement is called the power slide. The main extraction box fixed on the power box is used to arrange the cutting main extraction and transmit the rotational motion of the drive shaft of the power box to the cutting 3 tools of each spindle. Because the position l of each spindle is related to the specific machined parts Therefore, the headstock must be designed according to the machined parts It cannot be made into fully universal parts, but many of them (such as main shaft, intermediate shaft, gear and box, etc.) are universal. The bed, column and middle base are the supporting parts of the modular machine tool, playing the role of the basic frame of the machine tool

rigidity of modular machine tools of multi axis drilling machines and multi axis tapping machines and accuracy retention between components It is mainly guaranteed by these parts. The mobile worktable or rotary worktable is one of the main components of the multi station modular machine tool. It plays the role of converting stations and transporting workpieces Therefore, the repeated positioning accuracy of their linear movement and rotary movement directly affects the machining accuracy of modular machine tools. In addition to the above main components, the modular machine tool also has various control components, which mainly control the machine tool to act in sequence To ensure that the machine tool works according to the specified procedures. General components of modular machine tools Most of them have been published into national standards by the former Ministry of machinery industry, and there is a supporting relationship between various general components according to the nominal size, main parameters, exchange size and other types specified in the standards

in this way, users can select general components according to the size, shape and technical requirements of the processed parts to form different types of multi axis drilling and tapping machine tools, multi axis drilling and tapping machine tools, and multi axis drilling and tapping machine tools To meet the needs of production

there are seven obvious differences between modular machine tools of multi axis drilling machine and multi axis tapping machine and general-purpose machine tools:

1. Modular machine tools have short design and manufacturing cycle and low cost. Because the general parts and components of general machine tools account for 70% - 80% General purpose parts can be produced professionally in batches or purchased

it can display the light spot and capture the spot center

2. The productivity of modular machine tool is high. Because the process is centralized, multiple knives, multiple stations and supporting multi axis machines can be used to realize the automatic processing of multiple holes at the same time

3. Modular machine tools have a high degree of automation Low labor intensity

4. The general components of modular machine tools have been carefully designed and tested by long-term production practice There are also specialized manufacturers to manufacture in batches, so the structure is determined by Germany Work reliably Easy to use and maintain

5. When machining parts on modular machine tools Due to the use of special fixtures, knives and guide devices! Etc. Processing quality North process equipment guarantee The technical level of operators is not high

6. When the product or process changes, its general components and standard parts can be reused without additional design and manufacturing

7. Modular machine tools are adjusted to the correct position according to requirements, which is easy to connect into modular machines. The global antibacterial plastic has reached 1.4 billion pounds in the industrial market, so as to meet the needs of large-scale production

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