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The difference between inkjet printing and laser printing and laser discharge

at present, there are more users who use laser to print films. With the help of a black-and-white laser printer, you can print films anytime and anywhere at home. However, the alignment accuracy of laser printed films is relatively poor. For four-color films, the size of each film will expand and contract to varying degrees, so that the final four-color films cannot be accurately assembled. And the laser printer is not suitable for the output of large color blocks and image hooks. It usually shows the defects of non black color blocks, flat, single point shape, serious hanging mosaics, low hanging line number, low resolution, small characters can not be reproduced, which affect the quality of the final print. A series of impact experiments can be carried out at low temperature, room temperature and high temperature to obtain a series of impact values AK. The output quality of laser Imagesetter is undoubtedly the best, but its price is expensive, and the vast majority of users cannot 11 If the plunger of the oil pump is rusted, you can buy it yourself, but you can only go to a special place to produce it. The price of film production is not cheap, and the time and urgency of film production cannot be controlled by ourselves, which is very inconvenient

however, inkjet printing successfully solves the defects of laser printing, and the alignment accuracy of the final four-color film is much higher than that of laser printing (according to the actual use test of the latest epsonstylusphotor210, the registration marks of two A4 size color separations can be completely aligned), and the ink dots are black and accurate, the dot shape and angle can be adjusted, and the generated dots and lines are clear, and the effect is completely comparable to that of laser phototypesetting film, The number of wires can reach more than 70. Compared with the laser Phototypesetting process, it is simple and practical, with low cost and less investment. It only needs to add special software and printers, Small and medium ink "> printing plants can invest very little to establish their own production centers, ending the fatigue of often going to the production centers, thus saving a lot of human, material and financial resources. Moreover, due to the rising price of silver and other precious metals in the international market, the cost of phototypesetting output film is increasing, and the profit is getting lower and lower, which is also one of the main reasons why many output centers switch to inkjet film production. In addition, inkjet Ink film does not need to be developed later, which is very environmental friendly, avoiding the environmental pollution caused by developing and fixing potions, and solving the problem of environmental pollution caused by traditional film. And it can prevent business disclosure

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