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Yesterday, the pilot work of "three integration" in Shenzhen was officially launched. According to the pilot plan, by the end of 2012, the scale of relevant industries of the city's "three integration" will reach 300billion yuan. Xu Qin, the mayor of Shenzhen, Yuan Baocheng, the vice mayor, and the heads of relevant departments jointly touched the structural materials and lit the crystal ball, officially launching the pilot work of "three integration"

according to the work plan, by 2012, Shenzhen will have more than 3million broadband users, 3million digital TV user terminals, 1.8 million high-definition interactive home including IPTV users, and more than 100000 hours of content and video program library. The scale of the city's three integration related industries will reach 300billion yuan, and a number of well-known brands and leading enterprises engaged in the three integration function characteristics: related businesses will emerge. In order to ensure the promotion of relevant work, the Shenzhen municipal government will set up a leading group headed by Mayor Xu Qin, and will form a three integration expert group under the leading group. At the same time, it will also establish laws and regulations, planning and security system, and the consequence of the pilot work is to provide strict support for special financial funds

Shenzhen is the gathering place for the development of the national three convergence, so how to distinguish the bandwidth and sampling rate of a system? The electronic information industry in Shenzhen brings great opportunities for development. Experts said that after the three integration, it will first bring huge development opportunities to Shenzhen's information industry and upstream and downstream industries. The integration of cable television, Internet and telecommunications has also turned the competition of radio and television, telecommunications, mobile and other related units into a cooperative relationship, which is bound to develop a new service system, benefiting consumers

through technological transformation, telecommunications, cable TV, etc. will provide integrated multimedia communication services such as voice, data, image, etc. the public can use the TV remote control to play, watch TV dramas on the Internet, and choose the network and terminal according to needs. As long as you pull a line or wireless access, you can realize communication, watch TV, etc. As the departments of radio and television, mobile and telecommunications that promote and implement the "three integration" in Shenzhen, they have carried out preliminary work and made breakthroughs in some fields. Zhang Heyun, general manager of Shenzhen radio and television group, said that the group would spare no efforts to promote the integration and Bidirectional Transformation of cable networks, and achieve one card in the city with full HD and bidirectional interaction as the standard during the year. Form a scale of 2.6 million users. Zhong Ping, general manager of Chinatelecom Shenzhen Branch, said that by the end of the year, the basic capacity of providing fiber to the home for 200000 families will be realized. Southern Metropolis Daily

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