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Green monitoring -- the inevitable choice of the new generation data center

with the three major data of Cisco, IBM and HP, we will also maintain close contact with customers as before. With the continuous promotion of the central market giants in the new generation data center solutions, the construction of the new generation data center in China has entered a stage of rapid development. In the financial, telecommunications and government industries, these data centers have developed rapidly, The construction of the new generation data center has been in full swing. With the popularity of the global low-carbon concept and the government's increased policy support for energy conservation and environmental protection, China's traditional manufacturing industry has also vigorously developed the circular economy, and has placed the active promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction in an important position. The adoption of a new generation of data centers is in line with the strategic goal of energy conservation and emission reduction of enterprises, and green monitoring has become the inevitable choice for the construction of a new generation of data centers

in China, with the continuous expansion of the construction scale of data centers and the improvement of various industries' awareness of computer room monitoring, the monitoring scale shows a trend of expanding year by year, while the traditional monitoring technology and scheme are gradually exposing some problems, including green environmental protection, including: how to ensure the stability, reliability and high quality of the architecture to realize the continuous expansion of the energy model absorbed when the monitoring regulations are destroyed? How to manage such a huge and complex system with effective and low-cost operation and maintenance? How to protect the existing investment to the greatest extent and ensure that the adopted technology will not be eliminated? Green monitoring is a new monitoring solution that should be adopted by the new generation data center to solve these problems corresponding to the traditional monitoring technology

in the current monitoring market, major manufacturers have also made various efforts in green monitoring. For example, in the solution provided by Wanlian monitoring to Shandong Iron and Steel Group, it fully considered the necessity of energy conservation and environmental protection in the construction of computer rooms today, and combined with the development needs of green energy conservation in computer room monitoring of Jinan Iron and Steel Company of Shandong Iron and Steel Group, it built an environment-friendly green integrated monitoring management platform. The monitoring items of this solution mainly include: UPS, air conditioner, temperature and humidity of machine room, fire control, video, etc. Sensors and intelligent devices are directly connected to the front-end network monitoring server, and the data is transmitted to the monitoring center through the existing IP network for unified management and maintenance. The network monitoring server specially designed by Wanlian for the green integrated monitoring and control platform adopts embedded technology and open network platform, with a rated power of less than 20W. It effectively uses the sufficient network resources in the computer room, avoids the waste of materials for other wiring, and greatly reduces the construction time and construction risk. The installation method adopts the popular 1U standard rack installation, which greatly saves the cabinet space. The monitoring platform can be remotely managed and maintained through IE browser, which avoids the trouble of installing additional client software and effectively reduces the resource consumption of terminal devices. The operation status of all monitoring equipment is clear at a glance, and in case of equipment abnormalities, timely alarm and notify relevant personnel, which greatly reduces human resource consumption and improves management quality and efficiency

Wanlian's green comprehensive supervision. The problem we are facing now is the global dominance of China's manufacturing industry and the current situation that many countries have adopted relying on one market to solve waste and recycling problems. The control platform now includes network data acquisition subsystem, network video monitoring subsystem, network language intercom subsystem, network access control subsystem It equipment early warning subsystem, internal and external security isolation subsystem and almost all machine room monitoring subsystems. Low cost, low power consumption, easy expansion, convenient construction and simple maintenance are the characteristics of Wanlian's green integrated monitoring and control platform. Wanlian Jiangtong PP belt tensile testing machine plastic belt tensile tester has made continuous efforts to make this set of green integrated monitoring tube platform greener and stronger, so that more enterprises can enjoy green and environmental protection machine room monitoring

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