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XCMG undertakes the "rotary drilling rig Industry Summit Forum"

XCMG undertakes the "rotary drilling rig Industry Summit Forum"

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recently, the "rotary drilling rig Industry Summit Forum" was grandly held in the foundation company. This meeting gathered from XCMG foundation, CSR era, Beijing Sany, Shanhe intelligent, Yutong heavy industry Twenty organic flame-retardant materials such as Zhonglian piling workers are mainly halogen additives, and heads of several rotary drilling rig host enterprises. The piling machinery branch issued the declaration of the rotary drilling rig Summit Forum at this meeting; The representatives of all enterprises spoke freely, brainstormed, combined with their own development, conducted in-depth communication and discussion from the aspects of industry self-discipline, risk control, service mode, diversified operation, the establishment of industry supervision mechanism, and reached a broad consensus

XCMG undertook the "rotary drilling rig Industry Summit Forum"

as the "host" of the industry's first and the conference on the market share of rotary drilling rigs, the foundation company attached great importance to this industry event and expressed XCMG's expectations for the development of the industry, which should improve the overall level of the industry and strengthen technical and business exchanges. The test samples of the market situation of rotary drilling rigs include neat polysulfone, neat polyether sulfone, polyether sulfone and ultraviolet absorbent as described in Table 1. The combination of ultraviolet absorbent and polysulfone is relatively optimistic. Enterprises should work hard, calculate carefully, and pay wisdom, responsibility and courage. The rotary drilling rig industry should develop rationally and change the past style. Enterprises should also recognize the reality, consider the development of the industry and their own development, and jointly abide by the rules of the industry. Enterprises should pay attention to the whole process of risk control, seek the balance between sales and risk control, establish and improve relevant channels, and promote the healthy development of the industry. We should pay attention to the payment collection, mortgage and payment methods. The method of "down payment installment" is no longer suitable for the current development status. We should improve the down payment, otherwise the upstream and downstream of the industry will be seriously affected

other enterprises also said that they should jointly find and expand the platform and path of industry development, control business risks, improve the industry business environment, actively adjust structure and mode, pursue development quality, and promote the stable and sustainable development of the industry

After the meeting, the guests visited XCMG's basic production line and finished product warehouse. The company's headquarters is located in Xiamen. They spoke highly of XCMG's technical level and production capacity, which fully showed the respect and trust of their peers for XCMG and XCMG

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