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XCMG Wang Min: a new generation of manufacturers are trying to climb "Mount Everest"

XCMG Wang Min: a new generation of manufacturers are trying to climb "Mount Everest"

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a few days ago, CCTV financial channel "dialogue" broadcast the "speak for Chinese industry" activity Shanghai station, launching a dialogue on industry under Baosteel's No. 1 blast furnace. How to grow out of nothing in the era of lack of technology and funds? How to turn the image from big to strong when being labeled as "low-end"

as a pacesetter in China's construction machinery industry, the former Lunan Arsenal under General Xu Shiyou, today's large state-owned enterprise, XCMG group has been personally involved in the development of China's industry for decades, feeling the pulse of China's industrial development. Wang Min, chairman of XCMG, believes that industrial endurance, physical strength and strength are indispensable. Why does he have the confidence to attack the world engineering machinery luxury club

doing a good job in industry requires endurance, physical strength and concentration

Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group: industry is first of all a word of "reality". We should be practical in life and work. Industry is a technology, capital and talent intensive industry, and it also requires endurance, concentration and physical strength. XCMG was born in 19. In fact, he is not satisfied with the PPC work at this stage: 1. The cost is high; On the other hand, the number of PPC members still needs to be increased. It has been 74 years since the eighth Arsenal in Lunan, Shandong Province, was founded under General Xu Shiyou. At that time, Chinese construction machinery was almost a blank sheet of paper, all from scratch

it is important to do a good job in industrial study

Wang, chairman of XCMG group, and due to the limitation of manufacturing accuracy, Min: at that time, we went to the world's most famous company making large cranes in Germany to engage in joint design. At that time, we were in the factory Laboratory of Germany, and one of our engineers asked him, can we take photos? He said you just shoot, not Japanese. Why? He said that the Japanese learned too fast, and I realized how important learning is. Everyone is learning from each other. Therefore, with the German cooperation with us and learning, we tried to digest and absorb the advanced technology of the Germans in making large cranes. Up to now, XCMG has been in this kind of wheeled crane, and its sales volume is the first in the world

there is only one requirement - leading technology and indestructible use

Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group: for our products, I put forward a requirement: leading technology and indestructible use. Why do you say that? At present, China's equipment manufacturing industry is striving to improve its quality and climb to the peak in technology. We have a place in the world, but our reputation is not high enough to allow regular enterprises to taste the sweetness of production capacity, and our ranking is not high enough. Generally, it is inorganic, so we need to make great efforts in leading the technology, which is a kind of high reliability and high technology

a new generation of manufacturers are trying to climb "Mount Everest"

Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group: Chinese engineering technology manufacturers have grown from scratch, from small to large, and today from weak to strong. It is through hard work that we do not forget our original intention. At the same time, we need to be confident that we are famous in the world today. We are at the most critical moment of climbing Mount Everest. We need to be led by a group of entrepreneurs with innovative spirit and ingenuity, and a group of excellent skilled workers and designers with ingenuity to do our strong support. At the same time, we need to have generations of equipment manufacturers strive to climb. I have been engaged in this industry for 45 years, and I am proud of my own enterprise and China's construction machinery enterprise

we have set a goal to be among the top three engineering machinery in the world and enter the luxury club of engineering machinery in the world, which is also the pursuit of all Chinese engineering robots and Chinese equipment manufacturers

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