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Trivago Hotel relations chose talkdesk to optimize the contact center

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on May 27 (compiled/Lao Qin): the enterprise cloud contact center talkdesk announced that trivago Hotel relations chose talkdesk as its contact center solution provider for more than 150 seats. As a specialized sales subsidiary of trivago, a global hotel search platform, trivago Hotel relatio must regularly check the temperature, vibration and internal crushing process of electromechanical equipment. It not only produces a large number of dust particles, but also wires, etc. ns is committed to establishing solid relations with hotel operators and industry partners around the world. Trivago Hotel relations focuses on selling technology products to accelerate trivago's direct business and make hotel operators more successful

flexible, configurable and scalable solutions are the key differentiation factors for trivago to choose talkdesk Enterprise Cloud contact center to support its rapidly growing team. Trivago needs a single system to improve workflow, integrate with existing CRM and improve agent efficiency. Through the definition of talkdes tensile testing machine: testing the mechanical and technological properties of materials, parts and components. Instruments and equipment. The talkdesk intelligent route that injects artificial intelligence (AI) into the kiq of the material testing machine will simplify the incoming call process and enable the trivago contact center administrator to easily customize the inbound route. The call is assigned to a preset language group, which provides the caller with the option of receiving a callback or switching to another language with a seat matching its preferred language

talkdesk is easy to use and can be customized according to our needs, which will enable us to simplify the process and make the work of agents easier, said Antonio eversberg of trivago's advertiser operations department. We believe that through talkdesk, we will provide hotel operators with more personalized and excellent customer experience to meet the needs of car 1

high growth companies like trivago Hotel relations recognize the need for cloud contact center solutions, which can expand and innovate at the speed that drives them forward, rather than slowing down, said Tiago Paiva, CEO of talkdesk. We are happy to support trivago's growing customer service and sales organization, and look forward to helping it achieve differentiation through excellent customer experience

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