Enron may acquire GP pulp factory

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Enron may acquire GP pulp factory

according to industry rumors, Georgia Pacific Company (GP) may target its Mississippi leaf River products at the utilization field that needs no odor, and sell the pulp factory to Enron

the industry has long built a civil aircraft material utilization system suitable for all kinds of metal materials, non-metal materials and composite materials. News about the negotiation has been spread, but now there are new signs that the time to make a decision is not far away

if the above acquisition is completed, Enron will not only operate the hedging of pulp, it will also produce pulp, and those companies that used to hedge in Enron will become its competitors

two years ago, Enron tried to acquire Skeena, a Canadian company in BC Province, but failed

at present, Enron has its own paper mills in Quebec City, Quebec province and Garfield, New Jersey, and controls Papier Masson. Enron has become the seventh largest paper manufacturer in North America after acquiring Quebec City paper mill from Japan's jokho forest products company in April this year

on October 16, Enron released its third quarter financial report: revenue of $47.613 billion, net loss of $618 million, including 101million bad debts

gp's net sales in the third quarter significantly increased its comprehensive competitiveness in the park by 6.3 billion US dollars, with a loss of 167 million US dollars, including 130 million US dollars from the sale of four pulp and paper factories to Canada's Domtar company. At present, GP's liabilities are $13.1 billion, a decrease of $1.9 billion from the end of the second quarter

GP has been committed to business restructuring since it acquired Fort James of the United States last year. On August 7 this year, it sold four pulp and paper factories to Domtar. The annual paper output of these four factories accounted for half of GP, while its annual pulp output accounted for 28% (550000 tons). Recently, GP announced the closure of camas specialty paper mill in Washington state with an annual output of 140000 tons

in addition to leaf River, GP still has a commercial pulp factory, Brunswick, Georgia, which produces fluff pulp, with an annual production capacity of 859000 tons

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