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Tropical rainforest "efficiency king"! With the help of the "peacock plan", Xugong large tonnage mining started the machine to refresh the attendance record

tropical rainforest "king of efficiency"! XCMG's large tonnage excavator refreshed its attendance record

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"90t 18 vehicle for 6211 hours, 90t 19 vehicle for 6425 hours, and the equipment worked normally." at 5 a.m. on August 20, XCMG's Laos project team received the equipment usage information sent by the service personnel stationed in the mining area in Southeast Asia, which is the front-line equipment usage information that XCMG MMG project team has received every day since its establishment 11 months

Xu Gong's large tonnage excavator was praised as the "king of efficiency" in the tropical rainforest.

MMG, a well-known Australian mining enterprise, has a large copper mine in the tropical rainforest of Southeast Asia. It has been using European and American brand equipment for many years. In 2013, customers purchased Xu Gong in batches and used the efficient polyurethane pultrusion process to manufacture 2 xe215c, 3 xe370ca and 2 xe900c. Under the harsh environment of high temperature, dust and rain, xe215c has been put into use for more than 10000 hours in two years, and xe370ca and xe900c have been put into use for more than 6000 hours in just 11 months, with an average of more than 20 hours a day. After using the calculation method commonly used in the international mining industry, the customer said with emotion: "the average attendance rate of XCMG products 1. Is it in line with the test strength range of the test materials: it reaches more than 90%, which refreshes the attendance rate record of all equipment in our mine." made in China "can not play a protective sensor collision ratio in the past!"

at a monthly meeting, Martin, the senior technical consultant of the customer, expressed his concern about the attendance rate of the equipment after 6000 hours. According to Martin's experience, the oil cylinder of excavator products will gradually appear oil seal aging, oil leakage and other faults after 6000 hours, which requires preventive overhaul. After in-depth communication with XCMG service engineers and reading the service life analysis report of main parts of the product and the preventive overhaul proposal, he was pleasantly surprised to find that the average service life of oil cylinders is more than 10000 hours. At present, xe215c has been working for more than 10000 hours, and all key parts are still running normally

different from conventional products, the value of mining products and equipment is large, and most of them are complete sets of equipment construction. If the equipment stops working, it will lead to the shutdown of complete sets of equipment, and even the shutdown of the whole mine production line, which will cause great economic losses to customers. Therefore, mining machine customers' requirements for service are so strict that they are almost picky. XCMG excavator attaches great importance to the service of mining products, implements the project-based operation of mining services, and a mining equipment service team composed of nearly 100 professional service engineers is stationed in the front line of the mine day and night, eats and lives with equipment drivers, and uses, CRM and other platforms to achieve seamless information connection with the factory; In terms of spare parts support, XCMG excavator moved the spare parts forward to the front line of the mine project to respond to customer needs anytime, anywhere and escort the normal operation of the equipment

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