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Troy will exhibit new technologies at the 2018 American Coatings exhibition

Troy will exhibit new technologies at the 2018 American Coatings exhibition

March 26, 2018

[China coatings information] Troy announced that it will participate in the 2018 American Coatings exhibition in Indianapolis, Indiana, from April 10 to 12. Troy invites visitors to booth 1442 of Troy to learn about the advanced products and unique value-added services available to customers

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Troy will display its full range of advanced products at booth 1442, including the next generation polyphase, fungitrol and troysan dry film preservatives; Advanced mergal and nuosept wet preservatives; Multifunctional, sustainable additives and desiccants for liquid and powder coatings. Troy will also exhibit its full range of services, including global field testing, a unique tmma microbial management program, and global regulatory support

"this year's Troy exhibition of ACS will become an important destination for formula designers seeking solutions," said Dr. Frank cangelosi, vice president of marketing at t:+86 21 - 155, 123roy. "Paint manufacturers face many challenges worldwide - but Troy's premier portfolio of products and services enables them to succeed."

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cangelosi continued: "Troy demonstrated innovative new product technologies and world-class services on acs2018." Performance, quality, sustainability and value are at the core of all new Troy products. "Troy development customers need to stay ahead of their competitors' technology and support these products through value-added services and a large number of tests to optimize the results in their customers' recipes."

advanced preservative

Troy will show its latest polyphase CR technology, which is composed of the next generation of controlled-release dry film bactericide + algicide. These preservatives have high leaching resistance, so they can protect coatings for a long time and provide environmental benefits. Troy will also exhibit its advanced mergal wet preservative. It is mentioned that China has four established refining and chemical bases with an annual output of 20million tons and nine ethylene production bases with an annual output of more than one million tons for strong "rapid killing" activities, lasting protection, and additional sexual innovation, which have improved the coating process technology and cost advantages. The latest mergal wet preservative is a great choice for modern "green" coatings because they do not contain VOC, but here we remind a wide range of customers of ape and formaldehyde

performance additive

Troy will use its new troysperse ZWD "green" pigment dispersant for aqueous systems. Troysperse ZWD dispersant can promote excellent pigment dispersion at low use levels, achieve the best use cost, and is harmless to the environment. The full range of powdermate powder coating additives is also suitable for a wide range of applications, from automotive and varnish to general industrial applications. Powdermate additive can provide degassing, flow and leveling, texture and other functions. Troy will also showcase its full range of dryers, including cobalt replacement solutions and a new series of dryers developed for waterborne coatings and coatings

world class technical services

Troy will feature its unique negotiated tmma microbial management plan and the company's extensive global field testing services, which enable Trojan preservatives to be tested under a variety of microbial and climatic conditions to ensure that trojan products provide reliable performance in the real world

cangelosi said, "Troy Exhibition on acs1414 booth will become an important destination for coating manufacturers seeking the latest technology, best performance, sustainable solutions, low-cost use and comprehensive service support." set up courses for Troy on acs2018 and learn how we can help you succeed in the market. "

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