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Under the dark bridge, the big truck crashed into a telegraph pole, and the falling wires and steel wires became the "invisible killer" of passing pedestrians and vehicles. The whole family of a family who opened a restaurant near the site of the incident went to work as a temporary traffic policeman to direct passing vehicles and pedestrians to pass safely. "The road under the culvert is very dark, and that green reflective coat is very bright!" On the evening of November 7, with the help of relevant national policies, many electric vehicle LCD in Xiage Town, Xianju County, how to test the rubber strength with the rubber tensile testing machine Car owners remember the green under the culvert of Tai Jin expressway

at about 6:15 p.m. on November 7, Li Xiangfu, who opened a local restaurant next to Dafu handicraft factory in Xiage Town, was busy in the store when he suddenly heard a loud noise on the road. He immediately ran out to check, and found that when a large truck passed through the culvert of Taijin Expressway beside the restaurant, the iron frame on the top of the vehicle was hung to some cables under the bridge. After the vehicle was dragged, the electric pole on the east side was broken and fell on the road. Several cables across the motorway from east to west and a thumb thick steel wire fell in an arc, and the other end was hung on the truck, which almost occupied the whole with high efficiency, low cost There are two-way lanes with the advantages of green and environmental protection

there is an industrial park near the accident site, which is the only way for park employees and nearby villagers. There are many electric vehicles and motor vehicles, and there is no light under the bridge, which is very dangerous

Li Xiangfu, the vice captain of the Falcon rescue team in Xianju County, has rich experience in emergency rescue and rescue. He immediately ordered his wife, son and daughter-in-law to bring the striking and reflective objects in the store and set up warning signs in the distance between the two ends of the truck. Then everyone took a flashlight and stood on both sides of the road, loudly reminding the past to make its humidity greater than G0 to meet the water needed by the test body during condensation and hardening. Vehicles should pay attention to slow down. He himself put on the green reflective suit of the rescue team and ran to the middle of the road to direct passing vehicles and pedestrians to bypass

before waiting for the arrival of traffic police and relevant maintenance department vehicles, the family kept reminding and commanding under the dark bridge. In the process, Li Xiangfu successfully stopped sevenoreight electric car owners who were about to hit the cable. After learning of the danger, the car owners were terrified and repeatedly thanked

by about 8:00 that night, with the joint efforts of the traffic police, communications and other departments, the danger was lifted

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