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Zhenshitong makes the high-performance computing center run

on November 28, China Heavy Industries Corporation organized the preliminary inspection meeting of the high-performance computing center construction project, and the project successfully passed the acceptance. This project is a national project of the 13th five year plan. CLP United heavy duty gas turbine technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise controlled by the state power investment group. It is mainly engaged in the R & D, design, test and verification of heavy duty gas turbines, the development, transfer, consultation and service of relevant technologies of heavy duty gas turbines, and the construction, management, operation and maintenance of heavy duty gas turbine test power stations. United heavy fuel company will carry out the overall design, component design and key technology research of gas turbine

expert acceptance team

in order to strictly control the quality of acceptance, Party A's company selected professional and technical personnel in charge of IT infrastructure and network information security to participate in the acceptance review meeting, and also hired experts in the high-performance field from the Chinese Academy of electrical Sciences and the Central Research Institute of the state investment in home appliances as members of the acceptance team

zhenshitong has undertaken the construction of high-performance data room with its own industry experience. The basic condition of information technology is the supporting environment for the operation, business application and collaboration platform of United heavy fuel company, which plays a very important supporting role. The data center computer room is the key to the normal and stable operation of the high-performance computing platform from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. This project combines the specific requirements of the application of high-performance IT equipment to carry out targeted design and complete the construction of high-performance data room

based on the hardware and software platform of high-performance computing cluster, the goal is to serve the overall design, component design and key technology research of gas turbine to be carried out by China Heavy Industries Corporation, and to establish an excellent Center for high-level engineering scientific development and high-level basic scientific research. By the end of July 2017, China reburning high performance computing center framework platform will be built, using the world's leading collection and core application equipment

project content

hardware and software platform construction of high-performance computing cluster

air conditioning, cabinet, power supply and distribution transformation, supporting decoration transformation, etc. of high-performance computer room of China Heavy Industries Corporation

complete the procurement of equipment and materials, construction, installation and commissioning, system integration, etc. related to the project

in cooperation with the construction project of China reburning High Performance Computing Center, the displacement of the beam is obtained by measuring the output pulse number of the photoelectric encoder, and the implementation and integration of other bid sections

training related to this project and subsequent technical services related to the computer room

data room construction

project features

data center room is the key to the normal and stable operation of high-performance computing platform. The basic design of the project combines the specific design of high-performance IT equipment to carry out targeted infrastructure construction

the combination of high-performance computer room infrastructure and high-performance computing center

the electricity metering and intelligent monitoring functions implement management, and monitor the overall power distribution status of the machine room in real time

special solution for the transformation of low-voltage distribution room

ups input bus structure realizes the continuous power supply guarantee of 2n UPS system at the machine room side, and provides the safety and reliability of machine room power supply

mutual switching at the end of power distribution provides the safety and reliability of power supply for the power system of the machine room

modular UPS design is flexible to adapt to the gradual development of the capacity of the computer room

battery pack design, each UPS equipment is designed with 2 sets of battery packs

ups power distribution modular zoning provides the overall power distribution security of the machine room, and facilitates the regional management, maintenance and expansion of the machine room

distribution capacity planning facilitates the expansion of phase II equipment

ups column head precision power distribution cabinet, realizing intelligent power distribution management of power distribution system in machine room

air distribution optimization and accurate refrigeration design

humidification adopts wet film humidifier

1. Place and time of the meeting: Shanghai, China April 26, 2014 (2) on April 7, 2014, a blind plate of the cabinet was added inside the closed cold channel

ZST data center integrated management platform system is selected for environmental control system

zst data center integrated management platform system adopts flexible configuration tools and can expand a variety of modules, such as operation and maintenance module, emergency consultation module, asset management module, energy consumption management module, equipment management module, etc., which provides favorable conditions for later system upgrading

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