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Truck drivers must see: the seven truck policies will be officially implemented in 2017

truck drivers must see: the seven truck policies will be officially implemented in 2017

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2016 has entered the countdown, and 2017 is about to begin. With the arrival of 2017, these seven truck policies are closely related to card users. Let's have a quick look

truck drivers must see

1. The elimination of yellow standard vehicles continues.

seven years have passed since the Yellow standard vehicle elimination policy was first issued in 2009, and the elimination is still in progress. With the step-by-step pressure of the policy, the driving range of yellow label cars is shrinking

with the implementation of increasingly stringent national exhaust emission standards, the "yellow standard vehicles" that stay in the early emission standards have become increasingly unable to adapt, and the elimination of "yellow standard vehicles" is the general trend. According to the relevant national notice, by the end of 2017, the Yellow standard cars nationwide will be basically eliminated

yellow standard vehicle restrictions

2. Upgrading of national five emission standards

in recent years, with the increasing attention of the country to environmental protection issues, the upgrading of truck emission standards has also become a protracted war in the industry. The announcement shows that from January 1, 2017, all light gasoline vehicles and heavy diesel vehicles (passenger cars and public transportation, sanitation, postal purposes) manufactured, imported, sold and registered throughout the country must meet the requirements of the national five standards

in fact, since April 1st, 2016, all imported, sold and registered light gasoline vehicles, light diesel buses and heavy diesel vehicles (only for bus, sanitation and postal purposes) in 11 eastern provinces and cities (Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Liaoning, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shandong, Guangdong and Hainan) have been required to meet the requirements of the national five standards

next, all heavy-duty diesel vehicles manufactured, imported, sold and registered nationwide must meet the requirements of the fifth national standard from July 1, 2017

from January 1, 2018, all light diesel vehicles manufactured, imported, sold and registered throughout the country must meet the requirements of the fifth national standard. In other words, in another year, all models in the country, whether passenger cars or commercial vehicles, need to complete the upgrading of the national five emission standards

national five emission implementation table

3. The country will fully supply national five oil

from January 1, 2017, the country will fully supply vehicle gasoline and diesel that meet the national V standard, and stop domestic sales of vehicle gasoline and diesel that are lower than the national V standard. At the beginning of the year, the national development and Reform Commission and other departments issued a notice to further promote the quality upgrading of refined oil products and strengthen market management. In fact, on January 1st, 2016, 11 provinces and cities in the eastern region have implemented the national five standards in advance

after upgrading national IV to national V, the gasoline grades are adjusted from 90, 93 and 97 to 89, 92, 95 and 98; While the diesel brand remains unchanged, the operating brand of national V vehicle diesel is still No. 0

the Sixth National Congress has also been finalized and officially released a few days ago, and it is planned to start implementation in 2020

national five oil products

4. The new version of "gb1589" landing double row sedan car has withdrawn from history

to say that the most important policy for the transportation industry this year is the promulgation of GB and the subsequent 921 new policy for overload control. After the landing of the new version of gb1589, in terms of overall dimensions, the width of the car changed from the original 2.5 meters to 2.55 meters (refrigerated car 2.6 meters); The classification of mid axle vehicles has been added

therefore, the 921 new policy on overload control clearly explains the standard limits of different models. In terms of axle load, the weight limit of 6-axle vehicle is 49 tons. Among them, according to the provisions of gb1589, the total weight limit of the six axle train composed of double guide 6x2 and rear lifting 6x2 tractor is 46 tons. This regulation immediately caused a huge reversal in the fate of 6x4 tractors and 6x2 tractors in the freight industry

at the same time, the new deal stipulates that from September 21, 2016, all double row vehicles are forbidden to go on the road, and single row vehicles also need to complete their own rectification during the transition period (September 21, 2016 to June 30, 2018) and gradually move towards standardized transportation. From July 1st, 2018, non-conforming vehicles will be banned from running on the expressway

in 2017, the impact of the 921 new deal will eventually form an industrial chain with complete assembly of special vehicles; Based on Anyang railway equipment, Lida railway equipment, Northern Railway equipment and other enterprises, it will continue

Hongyan jeka with lightweight design

5. Trucks are forcibly installed with ABS anti lock braking device

technical requirements and test methods for braking systems of commercial vehicles and trailers stipulate that trucks and buses leaving the factory on July 1, 2016 are forcibly installed with ABS anti lock braking device

abs system can not only effectively avoid the occurrence of wheel locking during emergency braking, but also shorten the emergency braking distance to a certain extent, and maintain the stability of vehicle braking process. It can be said to be the most basic configuration to solve the braking coordination of the whole vehicle. The implementation of this mandatory regulation will further improve the safety of light trucks and medium and heavy trucks in driving

all Hongyan products are equipped with ABS

6. The Beijing sixth fuel standard has been officially implemented

the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau issued the local standards of Beijing sixth stage vehicle gasoline and vehicle diesel on October 31. The announcement clearly stated that Beijing will implement the sixth stage vehicle fuel standard from January 1, 2017

it is estimated that after the use of phase VI oil, the emission of particulate matter from gasoline vehicles will decrease by 10%, and the emission reduction rate of non methane organic gases and nitrogen oxides will reach%; Nitrogen oxides of diesel vehicles decreased by 4.6%, particulate matter decreased by 9.1%, total hydrocarbons decreased by 8.3%, and carbon monoxide decreased by 2.2%

according to the Convention, the natural replacement is implemented in the implementation of the new standard. The replacement period is from January 1, 2017 to February 28, 2017 for 201 high alloy steel casting and rolling 1 integrated technology. After the replacement period, the Beijing Municipal Department of industry and Commerce will prohibit the production, import and sale of vehicle fuel that does not meet the requirements of the new standard

Beijing will implement the sixth phase of vehicle fuel standard from January 1, 2017

7. The mandatory speed limit of dangerous goods transport vehicles shall not exceed 80km/h

in recent months, several major ministries and commissions of the state have attached great importance to the safe driving of large commercial vehicles. The new policy of controlling excess and limit has just been strictly implemented nationwide since September 21. Not long after that, the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China issued the "notice on Soliciting Opinions on the mandatory national standard technical requirements for vehicle speed limit system" to solicit opinions on the new national standard of vehicle speed limit

in the exposure draft, for vehicles transporting dangerous goods, the maximum speed limit set shall not exceed 80km/h; The speed limit of other types of vehicles shall be implemented in accordance with the speed limit required by GB7258

once the consultation period ends, the standard will be announced and implemented soon. Since then, truck production companies and users have a safe "hoop curse" on their heads

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SAIC Hongyan has always been committed to the development of heavy trucks in China

SAIC Hongyan has always been committed to the development of heavy trucks in China, keeping up with the trend of the times, meeting the needs of different card friends for heavy trucks, and embarking on the road of becoming rich hand in hand with Hongyan in the new year

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