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Enlightenment of Foton Lovol: forging the "magic weapon" of the "turning stone into gold" brand

enlightenment of Foton Lovol: forging the "magic weapon" of the "turning stone into gold" brand

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Foton Lovol heavy industry relies on independent scientific and technological innovation to drive the leapfrog development of the enterprise recently, enabling the enterprise to achieve more than 1000 times the geometric growth in just 15 years. Over the past 15 years, more than 5million machines of various types have been produced and sold, reaching the international leading level in many technologies, and many products have broken the long-term monopoly of foreign brands

Foton Lovol heavy industry can break the monopoly of foreign brands, reflecting the strength and charm of scientific and technological innovation. In the final analysis, the competition between products and enterprises is the competition of brands. With the same or similar factor inputs, the market prices of goods produced may differ by several times, more than ten times or even more. The fundamental reason is the existence and size of brands. So in this sense, brand is the magic weapon to turn stone into gold and the core competitiveness of enterprises. An enterprise with a brand can stand up again by relying on the influence and appeal of the brand, even if the factory is burned, the logistics line is broken, and the machine is destroyed. On the contrary, an enterprise without brand support, no matter how large, is just a giant. Foton Lovol has become a leader in the industry, which is inseparable from the fact that they have established their own brand in China, and is closely related to their going out to the world and establishing their own brand in the global competition

brand building is a systematic project, which requires long-term efforts, top-level design, and constantly surpassing ourselves and rivals. But if we flinch from difficulties and retreat in the face of difficulties, there will never be a time for enterprises to become bigger and stronger. Some enterprises are satisfied with OEM production for others, earn some processing fees, and pick up a few pieces of bread crumbs dropped when others eat bread. They think it's so easy that they don't have to worry about expanding the market. Some enterprises do not cherish the brands that they have finally cultivated, and rush to cooperate with multinational companies. As a result, their original brands disappear within a few years, and the loss is greater than the gain. "Huoli 28", once familiar to consumers, was bought out by Germany's Li Jie Shi, "robust" was acquired by Danone, "Xiaohu then disposed of this signal by the processor", and "after being acquired by L'Oreal, it either faded out of the market or its influence declined. An important reason is that it does not cherish its own brand enough. It is difficult to create a brand, and it is not easy to maintain a brand, which requires more efforts to "forge" your own brand repeatedly like forging iron

practice has proved that a strong brand can spread all over the world, and it is difficult to move without a brand. Brand building involves product quality, business scale, service, management, corporate culture and other aspects of the enterprise, but having leading technology and products with independent intellectual property rights is the foundation of brand building. 97 inorganic waterproof plugging materials and supporting factors. The reason why Foton Lovol heavy industry can compete with international famous brands is inseparable from their perseverance in scientific and technological innovation. Every year, the company devotes 3% of its sales revenue to technology research and development. Since 2010, it has strengthened the construction of global R & D platform, established a European R & D Center for agricultural equipment in Europe and a construction machinery R & D center in Japan, and attracted and accumulated top R & D personnel in the world. Thanks to its strong R & D capabilities, Foton Lovol heavy industries is at the top of the industry in developing low-carbon and energy-saving construction machinery and hydraulic excavator control technology

those who win the brand will win the world, and those who win the brand will last for a long time. Forging a brand, C60 can always convert sunlight into electric energy; In addition, we should make good use of the "hammer" of innovation; To forge a brand, we should always make good use of the "samadhi fire" of innovation

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