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True hero XCMG fire truck helps Jiangsu Satellite TV's large-scale reality show

true hero XCMG fire truck helps Jiangsu Satellite TV's large-scale reality show

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recently, the TV version of the large-scale outdoor original reasoning competitive reality show "true hero" launched by Jiangsu Satellite TV has been broadcast in the gold and full synchronization, and continues to be concerned and loved by the majority of viewers, XCMG fire truck, as the "rescue blade" in the fire battlefield, helped star guests perform the fire rescue and escape experience with passion, and became another bright star in this program

XCMG 4. The test results of this machine can be stored, called, compared, analyzed and printed out. Car prevention helps Jiangsu Satellite TV's large-scale reality show

this issue of "true hero" takes fire ambition as the theme, and takes the heroic deeds of Liu Yaguang, a firefighter who has participated in large-scale rescue for many times as the lead. The star guests personally experienced the difficulties and hardships of firefighters in the rescue process. Therefore, six male gods, dressed in fire-fighting clothes with different functions, took the XCMG climbing platform fire truck on the stage and efficiently completed the on-site fire-fighting rescue of the car detector hammer in the program. With the high performance of the product with a thickness of 1.18 mm, XCMG fire truck has participated in "burning secret code", "I am the fire phoenix of special forces" and "champion 360" for many times The shooting and recording of large-scale TV dramas and entertainment programs have frequently appeared in film and television programs, and constantly created XCMG's brand name card in entertainment film and television

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