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The Enlightenment of Apple's marketing concept to the printing industry

although apple iphone5s came out soon, various rumors about the next generation iphone6 have been hyped. Recently, a Japanese magazine called macfan reported that apple iphone6 will be equipped with a 5.0-inch display and support 1080p resolution, which is expected to be officially released in September next year. When I saw this news, I couldn't help sighing that the upgrading of electronic products was so fast that I couldn't take it too fast

previously, there was news that apple iphone6 will be equipped with a larger display, but the specific size is different. Although I don't know whether it's true or not, according to the latest news from the Japanese magazine that broke Apple's news, the future apple iphone6 will be equipped with a 5.0-inch display, the supported resolution will be increased to 1920 1080 pixels, and the sub-pixel density will be increased to 440ppi, etc., which may be true as described

not only that, in order to provide a better one hand control experience, apple iphone6 will also introduce and measure more than one ultra narrow frame design that is currently popular, so that apple can claim to be the first one hand operated tablet to replace the new plastic when promoting iphone6 in the future. In addition, apple iphone6 will also become thinner, which is said to be thinner than anyone expected

although the author is not an authentic fruit powder, nor worships foreign countries, and does not support domestic production, he is still admired by apple, because not only Apple's design concept and high-end products, but also its marketing concept is unique

Apple describes its products very charming. I think it can be described by a popular phrase now: high-end, atmosphere and grade. Now Apple's success, there is a key task played a great role, this person is jobs. It was he who took apple to a higher level. He made a heavy mark on the history of Apple's development.

as early as January 9, 2007, Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs released the iPhone, a device that combines iPod and mobile functions and runs MacOSX software, and AppleTV, a new product that can play computer video on TV, at his annual exhibition MAC world, At the same time, it was announced that Apple computer company was officially renamed appleinc, transforming from a computer manufacturer to a consumer electronics company

all are controlled on the screen! Cool! Jobs said this when he released the iPhone. Cool! This is the product category that jobs has been pursuing. What he wants is this brand image with apple culture. Therefore, this opens a starting point for the marketing road from now on, which makes people have a mentality: as long as I have it, I will be cooler than others. With the iPhone, I'm a different person, mainly composed of polymers called polyolefins

yes, when I use it, I really feel cool mentally. It turned out to be so smart and cool! I finally know why when the new generation of Apple came out, so many people crowded in front of the apple store, and even stayed up late waiting to buy their own new generation of apple

although I don't like chasing the wind, apple is indeed a medium-sized fighter, and almost no one can match it. The author writes so much about the good of apple here, not to hype it wantonly, but to objectively explain the facts here. The good of apple is also obvious to all. I just think that if Apple's concept is applied to the industry, I wonder if there will be a miracle

China's printing industry is in the transition period from the old to the new. Although there may be a weak recession, it also has steady growth in the downturn. The domestic printing manufacturing industry should make concerted efforts, actively respond, actively develop and innovate, and keep pace with the world level in combination with the actual market. At present, although China's scientific and technological level has reached an unprecedented level, there is still a gap to become the first in the world. Although China's science and technology started relatively late, it is believed that there will still be miracles if we dare to learn from abroad and conduct independent research and development

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