The hottest truck tires spontaneously ignited, and

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On the afternoon of August 30, a large truck loaded with auto parts was ignited by tires in Xinzhou Wangji section of Wuying expressway, and the auto parts loaded in the truck were seriously damaged

at 1:50 p.m. the day before yesterday, go to Wangji section of Wu Ying expressway. From a distance, in terms of cost performance, you can see thick black smoke rising into the sky. A train in front is burning a raging fire, and passing vehicles are slowing down and stopping

according to the truck driver from Nanyang, Henan Province, when the truck drove from Wenzhou to Xi'an and reached the Xinzhou Wangji road section, it was found in the rearview mirror that the left rear wheel was smoking and catching fire, and the flame soon ignited the goods in the carriage with good thermal rigidity

soon, more than ten fire officers and soldiers from Xinzhou fire squadron and Yangluo fire squadron rushed to the scene to fight the fire truck. Fire officers and soldiers said that the auto parts on fire were stacked with each other, making it very difficult to put out the fire. After the fire water was sprayed, the fire was still not fully controlled, and the fire engines rushed to put out the fire again with water. It was not until 3:30 p.m. that the open fire was basically put out in view of the current situation of outstanding downward pressure in the chemical, non-ferrous and other industries

at this time, the auto parts in the truck were lost, the rear wheel of the car was burned to the wheel hub, and the cab was burned beyond recognition. The driver of 6010-t4 truck said that the auto parts carried on the car were worth millions of yuan and suffered heavy losses after the fire

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