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Trust and promote cooperation Hitachi construction machinery delivered 6 zx490lch

trust and promote cooperation Hitachi construction machinery delivered 6 zx490lch-5a large hydraulic excavators

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mutual trust and cooperation for more than ten years as an "administrative assistant" in business, Let Xinjiang Hami honest partner large cargo transportation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hami honest partner company) and Hitachi construction machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HCS) establish a close relationship. Recently, another batch of construction equipment has become the witness of the win-win relationship between the two sides. Several zx490lch-5a large-scale hydraulic excavators were officially delivered in Hami, Xinjiang, to continue their career dreams for customers on the occasion of the lunar new year

Hitachi zx490lch-5a hydraulic excavator delivery ceremony site

with the festive steps of the Spring Festival, the new machine delivery ceremony was grand and warm, including Wang Qingyuan, Secretary General of EPS special committee of China Plastics Association, Zhang Chengming, Deputy Secretary General of polyurethane special committee, and polystyrene foaming board manufacturers. Mr. Tao Xinsheng, general manager of Hami honest partners, Mr. Miao Yunfei, general manager of Urumqi Zhongchen Weiye Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Urumqi Zhongchen), representatives of Ruoqiang Wanhong earthwork engineering Co., Ltd. and many partners attended the ceremony to celebrate the delivery of the new machine

Hitachi zx490lch-5a hydraulic excavator delivery ceremony

Urumqi Zhongchen has cooperated with President Tao since 2009, and has delivered a number of construction machinery, witnessing the continuous belief of customers that this kind of environmental protection packaging will be more and more applied to the growth and expansion of daily life. At present, Hami honest partner company has 12 Hitachi products of various models, which are mainly used for leasing and subgrade engineering, and has become one of the most influential large enterprises in Hami region. This time, due to the need to increase equipment for business expansion, Hami honest partner company chose HCS again and purchased four zx490lch-5a large excavators at one stroke. Because of his unlimited trust in Hitachi brand, President Tao not only chose Hitachi excavators by himself, but also recommended Hitachi excavators to his friends. With the strong recommendation of President Tao, Ruoqiang Wanhong earthwork engineering Co., Ltd. also purchased two zx490lch-5a. HCS, general representative of Wushi zhongchenmiao, expressed heartfelt thanks to Hami honest partners for its long-term support and recognition of Hitachi brand

in the long-term communication and cooperation, Wushi Zhongchen has won the trust of Hami honest partner company with sincere attitude, high-quality service and excellent technology, and has developed key monomers, special additives, complete engineering technology for the preparation of environmental protection high-performance resins, environmental protection high-performance surface materials and utilization solutions to provide financial support when customers have financial difficulties, so that the relationship between the two sides is stable and close. President Tao said: Hitachi construction machinery is commendable for its quality, and has given us a lot of help in financing, accessories, technology, information, personnel and other aspects, so as to maximize the value of the equipment. Our cooperation will continue

the zx490lch-5a excavator delivered this time is equipped with Hitachi imported high-power engine with high-pressure common rail EFI and cold EGR system, which brings high fuel efficiency, and the exhaust emission meets the national three-time emission standard. The reinforced front-end working device and D-shaped section frame add protection to the equipment and can adapt to complex and changeable environments. The cab has a wide view, comfortable and convenient, and the pump room with optimized layout provides convenience for daily maintenance. Since its listing, zx490lch-5a has been recognized by customers in ports, mines, civil engineering and other industries. Its excellent performance and environmental protection characteristics can continue to create value for customers

in the post market field, Hitachi construction machinery uses considerate services to help customers solve problems, respond to emergencies, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. In order to improve customer satisfaction, Hitachi construction machinery dealers have set up more than 370 service points across the country, trained a large number of experienced professional and technical personnel, and can provide practical solutions according to the needs of each customer, giving products higher added value. In the future, driven by reliable product quality and high-quality service, Hitachi construction machinery will continue to work with dealers across the country to explore and grow together to achieve higher quality development in China

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