Several measures to ensure the safety of combatant

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Several measures to ensure the safety of combatants in fire fighting and rescue

in 1991, a fire broke out in the underground oil depot of the fourth company of Handan Transportation Corporation. The Wu'an squadron under the jurisdiction and the officers and soldiers of the fourth squadron who arrived at the scene to reinforce fought bravely on the front line. Due to the fierce fire, repeated deflagrations of oil and gas occurred many times. Tian Haijun, the second squad leader of Wu'an Squadron (from Yangquan, Shanxi), and a soldier of the fourth squadron were diagnosed as second degree burns by the hospital because they did not wear a helmet and gloves with a mask

at present, all kinds of fire, explosion and disaster accidents occur frequently. In the process of rescue and disaster relief, how can firefighters reduce the harm of disasters to the people and firefighters and minimize casualties? This puts forward higher requirements for fire fighting and rescue safety. In the following aspects, firefighters should be alert and improve as soon as possible

1. Improvement of fire protection facilities and equipment

in today's fire fighting and rescue battle, it is a technical war and equipment war. Advanced technical equipment is an important guarantee for the success of fire fighting and rescue operations. While strengthening the construction of fire-fighting facilities, necessary first-aid equipment should also be equipped synchronously, so that the injured firefighters can implement the correct first aid in a timely and effective manner in the first time and reduce casualties

2. The correctness of leadership and command

in the rescue process, it is necessary to be clear, unified command and coordination, and avoid the phenomena of inconsistent rescue work pace, slow response, unclear responsibilities, fighting separately, chaotic scenes and so on

3. Strengthen the awareness of self-protection

the complexity and diversity of modern fires and disasters require us to strengthen the awareness of self-protection in fire fighting and rescue, the implementation of sustainable development incentive policies and the strictness of environmental protection policies. Only by protecting ourselves can we defeat the enemy. Saving people is more important than saving the latter. Using servo system and ball screw is a tactical principle that fire commanders and firefighters must follow. In fire fighting and rescue, courage and tenacity alone are not enough. Firefighters should be aware of self eccoh halogen-free formula: it has the characteristics of high flame retardancy, low toxicity and low smoke density; The protection of life is equally important. Only after self security can we achieve the purpose of extinguishing fire and saving people and protecting people's lives and property

4. Strengthen daily self rescue training

on site rescue is the key to the success or failure of first aid work. Usually, when firefighters are injured, they do not receive effective first aid on site, but send the injured to the hospital for medical treatment. This will easily lead to the loss of rescue opportunities for the wounded who had hoped to be treated. This improves the importance of on-site first aid self-help training. In the daily training of firefighters, the training of self rescue and first aid should be strengthened to reduce the degree of accident casualties

5. Strengthen psychological quality training and improve fire-fighting and disaster relief skills

combine the psychological fluctuation opportunities such as the change of fire environment and task transformation, carry out targeted adaptive training, establish psychological counseling and counseling system, improve psychological training, and help officers and soldiers enhance their adaptability to dangerous situations. In view of the fact that the cruel and fierce fire-fighting and rescue tasks are likely to lead to the fear of war among fire officers and soldiers, the methods of battlefield live simulation, increasing the difficulty and intensity of training, and innovating training equipment are adopted to constantly temper the will, courage and endurance of officers and soldiers

6. Strengthen the study of fire fighting business theory and operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures

different fires and disasters need to use different methods for fire fighting and rescue, which requires fire officers and soldiers to strengthen the study of fire fighting business theory at ordinary times, constantly improve their professional quality, and train elite soldiers in the military training activities on duty. There are principles, methods, requirements and precautions for fire fighting and rescue organization and command, combat action and combat support, which requires firefighters to operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures, and to make strong soldiers in the fire fighting and rescue, which ensures that there is a large polishing rate to remove and polish the damage layer back and forth

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