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Several materials for silk drawing

cotton yarn: the uniformity of warp and weft is very poor, the hole size is inconsistent, the shape is different, the surface finish of cotton yarn is also poor, and the tensile resistance is very low. Because the printing plate made of cotton yarn is of poor quality, poor image resolution, and unsatisfactory printing resistance, it has been rarely used

real silk: the evenness, tensile strength and surface finish of warp and weft are higher than those of cotton yarn. The disadvantage is that the elongation is too large, it is easy to age and deteriorate, the light resistance effect is not good, and it is very fragile after long-term exposure to light

nylon fiber: it is woven from polyamide fiber and is a kind of synthetic fiber. There are many strands and monofilament in knitting. The thickness of warp and weft can be processed according to different requirements. The area and density of the eye are relatively uniform, the wear resistance is good, and the elongation is also lower than that of real silk. At the same time, the printing plate made of nylon silk has less static electricity when used, and the disadvantage is that the acid resistance is slightly poor

polyester yarn: also known as polyester yarn, it is also a kind of synthetic fiber. Warp and weft 1 with its new 3D printing materials, some industries that are focused on in the plan will benefit in the medium and long term. The thickness of the line can also be made according to requirements, and the hole area is dense, but whether the deeds can continue to grow at a high speed in the future is also more uniform. Its chemical resistance is stronger than that of nylon wire, and its elongation is lower than that of nylon wire. The disadvantage is that static electricity is generated during printing, and its water content is worse than that of nylon wire

metal wire: refers to the wire woven with stainless steel wire and copper wire, which can also be made of electroplated metal nickel. It is characterized by high strength, good wear resistance, excellent chemical resistance, high surface finish, and excellent conductivity. It is very suitable for silk ink or slurry that needs heating during printing. The disadvantage of metal wire is that it has little elasticity. If the wire has creases, it cannot restore its elasticity, resulting in scrap

in current plate printing, nylon wire is generally used as the substrate of printing plate, but polyester wire and metal wire are also often used as the substrate of printing plate when making very precise image printing plate

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