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Turck unveiled a number of new products, fa/pa audience feast for the eyes

China industrial control industrial control information Turck unveiled a number of new products, fa/pa audience is large. At present, the freight from Brazil to Qingdao port is $13.230/ton. Satiety ---- the new intelligent pressure sensor and boxx intelligent control relay have become the focus of attention

Turck unveiled a number of new products, fa/pa audience feast for the eyes ---- the new intelligent pressure sensor Boxx intelligent control relay has become the focus of attention

in this 2005fa/pa exhibitors, Turck has attracted the attention of many participants with its new products, and its new intelligent pressure sensor and boxx intelligent control relay have attracted everyone's attention

new intelligent pressure sensor

-- excellent "user-friendly" characteristics

the new pressure sensor not only has the function of detecting and displaying the pressure value in time, but also adopts a more flexible installation method and simple operation mode. Coupled with its unique design of "leak proof" and "error proof setting", it can be more effectively applied to the machinery industry. These are the characteristics of the PS400 and ps500 series of pressure sensors newly launched by Turck

the detection range of the new pressure sensor is from -1 to 400bar, which fully meets the application needs of the machinery industry. Its patented anti leakage technology ensures that the medium will not leak even if the sensor is damaged by pressure

the new pressure sensor has four pressure units, which are bar, psi, kPa or MPa. Its display panel adopts bright 4-bit 7-segment LED display, which ensures that the sensor can reliably read even when the light is insufficient or the cause of the fault can be queried through the human-machine interface at a long distance

the switching point accuracy of the new sensor has reached 0.5% of the full scale. Generally, such precision has exceeded the needs of the machinery industry, so PS400 and ps500 series realize the possibility of using a small number of switches to replace more products in the past. In this way, the inventory type and quantity of users can be greatly reduced

the new pressure sensor can provide two transistors or one transistor and one analog output. For switching points, parameters need to be stored. You must use a sharp object, such as a ball pen, to press the OK button. These designs make it easy to set parameters such as fast closing mode, analog output range and output response time

the new pressure sensor adopts a compact design, with a shell diameter of only 34mm and an installation size of only 40mm, which can effectively save installation space. The digital display screen is inclined at 45 ° and can be installed vertically or horizontally. Of course, its display mode can also be rotated 180 ° to meet the reading requirements

ps500 series has different installation characteristics: when the main body is installed and moves towards a key period of high fidelity in the industry, the upper part of the sensor can rotate in any direction until the arrival date. The desired direction of the resin model must be selected according to the melt activity rate (MFR) of the resin, and finally tightened through a secondary nut. This eliminates the need to install any adapters for conversion

the new pressure sensor integrates many advantages, mainly including high precision, simple operation, safe and diverse installation and reliable performance. Based on these characteristics, Turck pressure sensor provides excellent services for mechanical engineers, making the greatest progress in machine maintenance and cost savings

boxx intelligent control relay

in terms of electrical components, Turk has always been dominated by the production and testing of components. In this exhibition, we saw the control components launched by Turk, which can be said to be a breakthrough for Turk. Its latest product, boxx intelligent control relay, not only has super networking functions - it can be programmed and debugged remotely through modem, but also has removable operation panel, convenient programming mode, realization of voice remote control module and analog input mode. It can be said that boxx intelligent control relay has made the previous complex control very simple. In the automatic control of systems requiring time control and intelligent communities, It seems more comfortable and just right. Boxx can be applied to building ventilation system, neon light control system, automatic door control system, window lighting, stair, hall corridor lighting multi-function switch, and can be applied to small mechanical automation system and auxiliary system in production line in industry

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