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Several misunderstandings of quality management in small and medium-sized printing enterprises

nowadays, there are many domestic printing enterprises. Except that a few large printing groups or Sino foreign joint venture printing enterprises have a relatively sound quality management system, the vast majority of small and medium-sized printing enterprises cannot invest too much material and energy in quality management, and quality management often becomes a long-standing problem. I have been engaged in quality management in a printing enterprise for 12 years, and I have tasted the ups and downs of quality management. Now I will discuss with the majority of printing colleagues on the basis of several misunderstandings of quality management in small and medium-sized printing enterprises

first, the thunder and rain are small - leaders do not pay enough attention

with the pace of China's accession to the WTO, large and small printing enterprises have launched IS09000 international quality system certification, which is famous for being in line with international standards and participating in international competition. Nowadays, no matter which state-owned or private printing factory you enter, you can see everywhere: "quality is the life of an enterprise" "Quality is the source of wealth" and "today's quality, tomorrow's market". In fact, many enterprises just regard IS09000 certification as a "gold lettered signboard" , there are few people who really integrate the whole certification system. When there are many tasks and urgent items come, the quality will be relaxed; When we focus on quality and efficiency, we often choose to focus on the immediate benefits, which is immediate; Another problem is that current enterprise leaders will not work in an enterprise for a lifetime, ranging from three to five years in the short term to seven to eight years in the long term. Of course, it is the benefit of choice. Quality inspectors often encounter such embarrassment in their work: prints that cannot be printed due to quality problems can still be printed under the direct intervention of enterprise leaders. Quality standards become double, and quality inspection departments face difficulties in implementing them

the leaders of the enterprise and the quality inspection department are consistent in their concern for quality objectives. When the production deviates from the quality course, the sampling inspection department reminds the leaders and strives for support, which is one of the powerful guarantees for the success of quality management

second, quality depends on management rather than production - misunderstandings in understanding

the quality of employees in small and medium-sized printing enterprises is generally inferior to that in large enterprises. In addition, there is an incorrect view: quality depends on management rather than production. Some people produce unconsciously, but as long as the quality inspector is staring at the machine, he can print good products. There are many processes in the printing process, including computer input, plate making, film production, plate printing, printing and binding, If the "watch" method is adopted, how many quality inspectors should be equipped? This is also unrealistic. If the machine personnel's operation technology level is not high and the operation is not skilled, even if the quality inspector keeps staring at the side all the time, not to mention the high-quality products, I'm afraid that even the qualified products can't come out; moreover, this nanny management also grows the dependence of the machine personnel, and finds a dignified excuse for shirking: "what's it to do with me after the quality inspection?" Virtually, quality inspection and machines form a "cat and mouse relationship" of hide and seek

the highest level of quality management is product "inspection exemption". "Inspection exemption" is not only inseparable from production, but also a very conscious and skilled production! Avoid production and talk about quality. Quality becomes "a tree without roots and water without sources", which is meaningless

we should clarify the concept that quality is produced by producers, not by quality inspectors. In the production process, the technological level, proficiency and heart of the front-line workers are the key factors affecting the product quality. The quality inspectors timely check and supervise, and put forward some reasonable suggestions. The list of goods subject to tariffs on the United States 2 covers all imported waste paper varieties, which provides an effective guarantee to ensure that the quality operates on a correct track. In this way, the tense and exclusive relationship between quality inspection and machine can be transformed into intimate and mutual love

third, quality inspection can only produce two eyes one by one. Simple description

the main function of printed matter is to meet the visual effects of consumers and transmit information. So some people take it for granted that as long as the printed matter can be seen, the work of the quality inspector is to widen his eyes, just walk here and there. The leaders of some enterprises also believe that the quality inspector position is caring for the elderly, the weak, the disabled or the people in related households. Some machine personnel also despise the words and deeds of quality inspectors. When quality inspectors put forward some opinions on product quality, they often say, "you print!" How can quality inspectors perform their functions correctly when their work is so qualitative

on the surface, quality inspectors rely on "eyes", but this "eyes" contains a lot of wisdom and ability. First of all, we must have cultural literacy in order to be competent for the daily document inspection and signature samples of all kinds of prints; Secondly, be familiar with the printing process, understand the operating procedures of each process, and understand the main causes of common quality accidents; Moreover, act decisively, be bold and responsible, and be convincing when judging quality accidents. With these abilities, quality inspectors can not be "general" and "difficult and miscellaneous diseases" when supervising and inspecting the print quality of front-line personnel

of course, it is far from enough for the inspectors to be competent for the current work. The society is progressing, the enterprise is developing, and new management models, ideas and methods are emerging. After work, they should consciously "recharge", appropriately train and absorb new knowledge, so as to keep pace with the times and never fall behind

fourth, quality inspection is the "panacea" -- nanny difficult

small and medium-sized printing enterprises are often "sparrows are small, five internal organs are incomplete", a person often has to "hold several positions", doing many things other than work duties. Originally, the problems to be solved within their respective processes were all pushed to the quality inspection department, which became a "panacea". On many occasions, in order to take the overall situation into consideration and prevent production from being blocked in a certain process, quality inspectors do these "separate foreign affairs" with compromise. In fact, it's not pleasing to others

a large number of trivial things occupy most of the energy of the quality inspection department, and I feel powerless when I really want quality supervision; Moreover, this "panacea" practice also covered up the quality problems of various departments, and formed a bad atmosphere of "wiping the bottom" pushed to the quality inspection department. The practice of "panacea" ensures the smooth production for a while, but it is only an expedient. In the long run, it must be "picking up sesame and losing watermelon", which is not worth the loss

the quality inspection department should fully understand the harmfulness of the practice of overstepping, firmly remember the job responsibilities of the quality inspection position, firmly grasp the center of "quality" in daily work, grasp the internal product quality standards of each process, establish the service purpose of "the previous process regards the next process as the customer" among employees, and insist that unqualified products will never be transferred to the next process

v. prestige of quality inspection - it is not a dispensable "chicken ribs"

due to the relatively simple data of this experiment, I believe that quality inspectors are not only an ordinary member of the enterprise, but also the "judge" and "referee" of the enterprise, so they should have a certain prestige in order to better "enforce the law". The formation of the prestige of quality inspection depends on the leadership of the enterprise and the maintenance of all aspects externally, and depends on the efforts of quality inspectors to improve their own quality and strength! BASF is dedicated to developing 3D printing materials for HP. For quality problems, we cannot blame the quality inspectors indiscriminately, nor let the quality inspection department bear the burden of "scapegoats" and "airbags", which makes some people despise the quality inspection department

of course, the internal quality of quality inspectors is the key to establish prestige; The work style is sloppy, the working method is simple, and the service consciousness is poor. In business, the additional length reaches 40 feet. A quality inspector who asks and knows nothing must have no authority, and should not be responsible for this work

in daily work, there are three sentences worth pondering by the quality inspector: the person who neither offends people nor does things is an ideal person; Although he offends others, he who does things is a useful person; People who are afraid of offending others and can't do anything are useless. The job responsibilities of quality inspectors determine that quality inspectors must offend people in their work. Quality inspectors cannot be "ideal people", but at least they must be "useful people", and must not be "useless people". As the old saying goes: if you don't want, you'll be just. I don't advocate the power of personality to engage in quality inspection, but when implementing rules and regulations, you must be fair, just and open, a bowl of water is flat, don't favor anyone, and put an end to the bad phenomenon of being kind and good. Then, the prestige of the quality inspection department will naturally be established

awe means hardness, hardness means strictness, strictness means faith, and faith means obedience. Being convinced by managers, why not! Therefore, the prestige of the quality inspection department is by no means dispensable "chicken ribs"

with the increasingly fierce market competition, there is no reason not to pay attention to quality. An enterprise should clarify the rights and responsibilities of the quality inspection department, grant the quality inspection department a veto, and show its strong determination and basic position to grasp quality, so as to encourage employees to pay attention to product quality and truly improve the quality awareness of all employees. Then, quality management will not be "difficult in Sichuan, difficult in the sky"

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