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Several misunderstandings of color management of color prints 2

misunderstanding 5: there is no great difference between different color management tools

in the current situation, although most color management systems take ICC files as the core, they may also have great differences

(1) the accuracy of color management software in color conversion may be different. For example, when establishing the characteristic file, some software samples only use dozens of color samples to calculate, while some systems may require thousands of color samples to calculate, which is likely to produce different color conversion accuracy due to the number of color samples

(2) color management software may use different methods for color conversion between color spaces of different color related devices. In this way, even if the same color sample is used, it is likely to produce different color conversion results

(3) the working efficiency of software also has no small difference. When the color management module in some software packages performs color conversion, it is necessary to select some special positions of close-up in the color space to read color samples, so as to increase the efficiency of color conversion; The color management module in some software may not only obtain color samples in these locations, but also read color samples in other locations. This is likely to reduce the conversion efficiency, but may improve the accuracy of color conversion

(4) the accuracy of color measurement equipment is also different. When the color measurement equipment reads the color sample and uses it to establish the color device characteristic file, this factor may greatly affect the quality of the established characteristic file, and ultimately affect the color data intake or replication effect of the equipment

(5) some software packages of color management system pasted in the test mold upper system are designed for experts or researchers to conduct research, and there are many complex and professional settings; Some are designed for general users to use in production, which is easy to set and use

myth 6: once the device characteristic file is established, it does not need to be changed.

the device characteristic file is a file that describes the performance characteristics of a certain color related device to ingest or copy colors, and is used for the device to achieve better color ingestion or copy effects. From the scanner at the front end of the printing, the computer screen printer, the imagesetter and the CTP equipment appeared in recent years, to the printing machine, to carry out excellent color management, we need to establish their own different characteristic documents. Once the characteristic document of color related equipment is established, it does not need to be changed. It may be affected by factors such as the use of a period of time, the change of equipment performance, the change of printing materials such as ink and paper, and the change of production process flow. The established characteristic document is no longer consistent with the actual situation, which requires the equipment characteristic document to be re established regularly or in time according to the changes of production conditions, so as to closely connect the characteristic document with the actual situation, so as to ensure the effect of color management

myth 7: color management system can completely copy colors

color management is not omnipotent. Even if color management is carried out, it is impossible to completely copy the colors of the original in most cases with the advantages of wide measurement range, high accuracy, compact structure, convenient operation, stable performance, etc. The purpose of color management is to make the colors between the original and the print as consistent as possible, This is mainly determined by the inherent contradiction that the color of the color output device is always smaller than the color gamut of the color input device. Although the color management system cannot complete the complete reproduction of color, the proper use of the color management system can ensure the stability and accuracy of the color of the printed matter copied in large quantities from the same original. More importantly, it can ensure the color consistency of the printed matter under different printing conditions as far as possible

myth 8: the use of color management system can expand the range of colors that can be absorbed or copied by the equipment.

color management system generally completes the task of color management by continuing to extend the sample, calibrating the equipment, characterizing and using the color management module in the software to convert the color space. This process only calibrates the equipment, so that it can absorb and copy colors more accurately, or make the color information as consistent as possible when passing between devices. The color range that the equipment can absorb or copy has not changed, and the color range of the equipment has not been expanded

myth 9: only large companies can afford the cost of color management system

color management is first of all a concept, which should be implemented in production, supported by relevant software and hardware tools, and more importantly, recognized by users, but color management system does not necessarily need a huge investment that only large companies can afford, To establish a set of modern color management system, the diameter of the bending center required to complete the experiment depends on the thickness of the medium and thick steel plate. Compared with the output value of a small company, it only accounts for a small part. In addition, on the one hand, the price of color management tools also varies greatly due to their simplicity and complexity and grade. On the other hand, with the continuous development and maturity of technology, the cost of software and hardware of color management system is gradually falling to the limit that more users can afford. If you are worried about the labor cost of running the color management system, you can make full use of existing employees. Through relevant training, it is completely possible not to introduce special color managers, but also improve the overall quality of employees, and steadily improve the product quality from the perspective of total quality management. In this way, the cost is affordable for small companies. In addition, the color management effects brought by different price color management software and hardware systems are not necessarily limited, and large differences depend on the mutual quality of employees using this system to a greater extent. Of course, it is not necessary to purchase color management software and hardware systems for color management. For example, professional companies providing color management services can also be invited to complete color management on a regular basis

of course, the understanding of color management is still deepening, and there is still a long way to promote its application. Only by going out of the misunderstanding can color management better serve enterprises

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