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Several measures and applications of safety precautions in water conservancy project construction

with the gradual increase of construction projects, safety management knowledge and prevention work in construction have become the core issues of top priority, safety first, prevention in the first place. It is necessary to ensure the safe and orderly operation of construction machinery and the safety and health of construction personnel. Therefore, to strengthen the training of safety management knowledge and establish a complete system of construction safety precautions plays a decisive role in maintaining the safe and orderly development of the project

I. construction characteristics of the construction industry

the construction industry is an industry with a high accident rate. Its construction characteristics are:

1. There are many high-altitude operations. According to the national standard classification of work at heights, more than 90% of construction work at heights

2. There are many open-air operations. The open-air operation of buildings accounts for about 70% of the total workload, Affected by spring (summer (Autumn (the influence and harm of different climates in winter and natural conditions such as sunshine, wind, rain, ice and snow, thunder and lightning.

3. There are many manual labor and heavy physical labor. Most types of work in the construction industry are still manual operations, which are easy to make people tired, distract, misoperate more # and easy to cause accidents.

4. There are many three-dimensional cross operations. The structure of construction products is complex and the construction period is tight, so it must be coordinated by multiple units and types of work, If the management of grade separation construction is not good, the connection is improper, and the protection is not strict, it may cause mutual injury

5. There are many temporary employees. At present, migrant workers account for about 50% - 70% of the workers working in the front line of the construction site, and some construction sites account for as high as 95%

these characteristics determine that the construction process of construction engineering is a production process with great danger, strong suddenness and prone to casualties. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the safety management and safety technical measures in the construction process

in 2009, there were 1010 construction safety accidents and 1195 deaths in China. Although there was a decrease over the previous year, the number of major safety accidents remained high. The main problems of safety production in construction are that safety regulations need to be improved, safety supervision is insufficient, the construction market needs to be standardized, the comprehensive disaster prevention system of urban construction has not been established, and the emergency management in the construction field needs to be further strengthened

II. Causes of construction safety accidents

the occurrence of these accidents will not only cause serious economic losses to enterprises, affect their reputation, restrict their survival and development, but also bring misfortune to families and even affect social stability. Analyzing the causes of the accident mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Some construction units do not implement relevant laws and regulations and do not act according to the construction procedures. Dismember the project, sign yin-yang contracts and Overlord contracts, require advance construction, and default the project payment, resulting in insufficient investment in safety production costs, which seriously weakens the safety production protection capacity of the construction site, making it difficult to put safety protection in place in time. In addition, cross construction and fatigue operations caused by forcibly compressing the contract duration eventually lead to accidents

2. Some supervision units did not seriously perform their safety supervision duties in strict accordance with the provisions of the regulations on the administration of safe production of construction projects for injecting liquid resin under high pressure. It still stays on the old work content and requirements of "three controls, two managements and one coordination" in the past. It only pays attention to quality, but does not pay attention to safety. It is not clear, familiar with and master the laws, regulations, technical specifications and standards related to safety production, and cannot effectively carry out safety supervision. The supervision responsibilities and safety supervision role stipulated by laws and regulations cannot be brought into play, which is in vain

3. The basic work of safety production in some construction enterprises is thin and weak, and the safety production system is not perfect or not implemented # target management is not in place. There is no corresponding construction safety technical guarantee measures # there is a lack of safety technical disclosure. Some enterprises even subcontract the construction tasks to some teams and operators who do not have construction conditions or lack corresponding qualifications through subcontracting, illegal subcontracting or affiliation, which brings great hidden dangers to safety production

4. In some places, the safety production supervision organization of construction projects is short of staff, has no source of funds, has no basis for punishment, and the safety supervision role of the safety supervision station has not been fully played

5. The overall safety quality of employees is not high. Most of them have achieved good results: 40% of the fireproof, thermal insulation and sound insulation materials in the United States are composite phenolic resin; The United Kingdom, Western Europe and the Middle East stipulate that vacuum insulation material boards are preferred for new projects; Construction departments in France and Northern Europe believe that only on-site foaming polyurethane insulation materials have good fire resistance; Phenolic foam insulation materials are also widely used in public buildings and high-rise buildings in Russia and Eastern Europe; Japan has promulgated the decree "phenolic foam as a standard building fire-resistant material". The front-line operators, especially migrant workers, have weak safety awareness, lack basic safety knowledge, and poor self-protection ability. This problem is very prominent

6. Due to the fierce competition in the construction market, construction units often refuse to pay the cost of safety measures for construction enterprises. The cost of safety construction facilities is not included in the project cost. The construction unit is aggrieved and complacent in order to win the project. Once the bid is won, the necessary equipment, equipment, tools, etc. for safety production cannot be purchased. Therefore, the consequences of vehicle overturning and personal injury can be saved, resulting in chaos on the construction site, which greatly increases the possibility of safety accidents

7. There are serious violations of laws and regulations in various development zones, industrial parks, investment promotion projects, individual investment projects and old village reconstruction projects. Some projects are constructed without planning fixed points, useless land permits, construction permits, bidding procedures, quality and safety supervision procedures, and without review of construction drawings, which brings potential accidents to the construction project from the source

8. At present, most construction enterprises cannot effectively use advanced management technology and information technology to improve management level. We should use information management means to establish an integrity system and bad records, integrate the enterprise's market behavior, safety performance and existing problems, and directly link them with market access, qualification, evaluation and administrative punishment

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