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Koda UAV test flight Turkey forest fire prevention drill recently, Turkey N1 design idea TV broadcast a report on the application of UAV solutions to forest fires

relevant data show that the forest area of Turkey accounts for about one quarter of the national territory. Due to its unique Mediterranean climate, the temperature is high from June to November every year, and it is dry, rainy and daily. Treatment method: review whether there is sufficient curvilinear coordinates, which is very prone to fire. Therefore, the Turkish government attaches great importance to it, plans to put the UAV solution into forest fire prevention, and solemnly held a flight test in Izmir, with Koda UAV as the protagonist of this flight test, Bekir pakdemirli, Minister of agriculture and forestry of Turkey, was present at the scene

through the thermal imaging mounted on Kodak UAV, the fire point can be quickly located in a large range of hundreds of square kilometers, the fire spread trend can be judged, and the on-site data can be synchronously transmitted back, providing accurate image and video basis for the command center to scientifically dispatch resources and realize the rapid response of emergency rescue

in addition, Kodak UAV can also be attached with a loudspeaker, a thrower and other devices to realize various forest fire rescue applications. For example, due to the chaotic scene of the fire scene, frequent dangers, traffic congestion, and communication and power outages, drones can shout at high altitude and guide the open circuit by carrying a pager; Or by carrying a thrower, rescue supplies such as respiratory masks, first-aid drugs, food and so on can be delivered to the designated area to relieve the pressure of rescue...

"green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains." More and more countries begin to realize the severe situation of ecological environment protection, and carry out afforestation and returning farmland to forests on a large scale. However, it is helpless that forests and fires always go hand in hand

Koda, may science and technology protect the beauty, and may green waters and mountains always exist

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at present, Kodak's UAV solution has been newly upgraded. Three industrial grade aircraft with different configurations are equipped with diversified mission loads, and integrated with the video application system with rich back-end to realize the seamless connection between new material industry, technology, achievements, projects and capital. It can realize image transmission, intelligent analysis, track planning, emergency command and other businesses, and is suitable for activity support, fire survey, traffic management Security patrol, forest fire prevention, remote inspection, border inspection, command execution and other scenes

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