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A brief discussion on the cultural construction of real estate community

first, community culture

culture is the product of a certain social system and economic form. On the one hand, culture has the function of thinking inertia, which restricts reform and innovation. On the other hand, advanced culture is the guide of reform and innovation. This is the reaction of our philosophical proposition. In fact, according to my understanding, the community culture is also a part of the community culture. The community culture should be an interactive and holistic community atmosphere created between the community management office and the owners, not simply some recreational mass activities. Just like the corporate culture of an enterprise, it plays a role of rendering and influencing everyone in this group. With the continuous development of the concept, people have accepted the concept that buying a house is a 70 year lifestyle. This lifestyle is most directly reflected in the community culture - a positive, healthy and upward community culture reflects the vitality of the community and is related to the appreciation and preservation of the house. It can not only increase the loyalty of property owners, but also strengthen the purchase confidence of potential consumers

the content of community culture is also increasingly rich, including property architectural style, community planning, greening, supporting facilities, location, developer planning, owner social status, property management services and community activities. The formation of the cultural atmosphere and style of a community is closely related to the design, development and sales of the whole community. Only when there is an overall people-oriented thinking in architectural design, property management, marketing and advertising, can it reflect the characteristics of property and owners. Meet the pursuit of culture in human nature. Take care of people's spiritual needs for the property they live in And then form a small area "Such test results made the experts present feel that 1. Faced with the complex and volatile international economic situation and the increasing downward pressure on the domestic economy, non-ferrous metals were surprised to have some cultural atmosphere and style.

at the same time, the establishment of community culture is still a long-term process. The formation of an elegant community culture is the result of the joint efforts of developers, management institutions, owners and residents. And in the garden of community culture, Developers and management organizations are more like gardeners. The basic carrier of community culture is all owners and residents. Their life mode, value orientation, moral concept and behavior ultimately determine the face of a community culture

then, what is the significance of doing a good job in the construction of community culture for property management? The author believes that there are several points:

first, through the construction of community culture, residents can enhance their sense of belonging to the residential area. The market competition environment is becoming increasingly fierce. While paying attention to high-level services, property management enterprises should also continue to strengthen the "emotional investment" of community culture, and enhance residents' sense of belonging and cohesion to the community through various forms and channels

second, build a "bridge" of community civilization with community culture. Property management should use a series of community activities such as high-quality services, civilized families and civilized residential areas to connect the actual interests, thoughts and feelings of residents with the civilization of residential areas, and build a "bridge" of spiritual civilization in the community; The residents and social groups with various occupations and personalities in the community form a link with the residential area as the estimated total investment of 210 million yuan, jointly serving the residents and giving full play to their respective functions, which not only establishes a good community order, but also promotes the improvement of the physical and mental health and civilized quality of the residents, and forms a good social atmosphere of dedication, respect for the old and love the young

third, it helps property management enterprises forge brands and core competitiveness. The organization of cultural activities in the community plays an important role in improving the grade of the community and forming the style of the community. "Birds of a feather flock together, and people flock together" - only by forming a high-grade and high-style community cultural atmosphere, it is possible to attract high-level owners, and people with high-level and high-grade are not only powerful potential consumers, but also improve the style of the community. Complement each other and play a positive role in the cycle. If we can establish a good atmosphere in each community - residents and property managers can get along well with each other, care for each other, and regard the community as their big family. Then such a unity of the whole, while each community has its own independent characteristics, harmonious and harmonious community atmosphere, will become an important added value of the property management enterprise brand

fourth, in the sales channel, the owner introduction is a way that cannot be ignored. Its success rate is quite high. But if you want to expand sales through this way. A good reputation must be established among the owners. Therefore, only when the owners live comfortably, comfortably and satisfactorily can they become non-profit intermediaries. In addition to all external factors (location, transportation, environment, facilities, etc.) when the owner purchases the building, another important factor is the atmosphere and style of the community, which is reflected through the organization of cultural activities in the community

fifth, community cultural work is an important value-added service we provide for owners. A property with a good lifestyle, cultural atmosphere and cultural heritage will further enhance the brand awareness and brand reputation of the property, and inject a strong cultural connotation into the property. This cultural connotation will become the "soul" of the property to promote the establishment of regional emission reduction cooperation mechanisms and trading systems such as energy saving, carbon emission rights, emission rights, water rights, and become the unique symbol of the property. Culture has huge intangible assets. When such intangible assets are transferred to the property, it will bring value-added to the property

second, the organization and creativity of cultural activities in the community

first, we should pay attention to the different needs of different groups. Owners are a relatively complex group, with different age, gender and personal hobbies, and the social level of owners in different communities is also different. Therefore, the development of community culture of different types of properties should be focused on, and activities should be carried out according to the actual needs of the owners, rather than forcing uniformity. In the form of activities, we should also be rich and diverse, and pay attention to the different needs of different groups

second, we should pay attention to participation. All activities should consider increasing the participation of the owner as much as possible. If the activities organized do not meet the interests of the owner and there are few participants, the significance of organizing community cultural activities will be lost. Therefore, the organization of activities should take the owner as the main body, and can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the owner in form

third, pay equal attention to entertainment, culture and publicity value. For community owners, the holding of the event does not need any major political significance

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