Two factors that most hinder the growth of British

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Two major factors hindering the growth of British plastic packaging demand

the demand for plastic packaging in the UK will slow down. By 2008, the market demand will reach 4.7 billion euros, only an increase over 2003. Using a 200kn tensile testing machine to test 5kn materials is certainly inaccurate by 3%. Experts pointed out that the main reasons for the slowdown in demand growth are the rising prices of raw materials and overcapacity. Data show that during the year, the market value growth rate was 5%. Due to the increase in the consumption of rigid plastic packaging due to the laws on packaging and waste, the market value is expected to reach 732million euros in 2008. The research report also points out that the market value of plastic bottles with less than 2 liters in the UK will continue to increase at a growth rate of 4% per year in the next four years, reaching 818 million euros by 2008. It can also be used to judge whether the selected materials are suitable for yuan, but the future demand growth will be affected by the lightweight of bottle plastics. The demand for PE plastic bags will decline at an average rate of 1% per year, with a market value of 1 billion euros in 2008, while the demand for other types of plastic bags will increase by 8% per year, and then it can increase to 311 million euros

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