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Brief discussion on the crux of restricting the development of China's high-end printing equipment

the high, medium and low-grade structure of products does not meet the market demand. The digitalization and intelligence level of the mainstream products of printing machines in China is not high, and their stability, reliability, durability, comprehensive efficiency and functions still fall behind those of world-class products. High-end printing machines mainly rely on imports. Taking offset printing machines as an example, in 2007, national printing enterprises purchased 1283 high-end offset printing machines, of which 1135 were imported, accounting for 88.5% of the total

2. Low product concentration and weak scientific research and innovation ability

China's printing machinery manufacturing industry has a low concentration and small enterprise scale. The sales of all 600 printing machinery manufacturers in China are less than that of a company in Heidelberg, Germany. At the same time, the scientific research investment of Chinese printing machine manufacturers is small. For example, the scientific research investment of German printing equipment manufacturers accounts for 8% of sales, while the investment of most Chinese manufacturers is less than 4% of sales. The allocation of scientific research funds and scientific research instruments and equipment is seriously insufficient. The proportion of scientific researchers in the production personnel of enterprises is low (only 4%, and that of printing machine enterprises in developed countries is 10%), the overall quality is not high, especially the lack of high-level leading talents. These factors have led to the weak innovation ability in the field of printing machinery research and development in China, and the lack of master of main advanced technologies and core technologies, especially digitalization. Therefore, in 2011, intellectualization The key technology of automation control is not mastered, and the breakthrough ability of key technology is lacking. This greatly limits the rapid improvement of China's high-end printing equipment

3. There are few intelligent manufacturing equipment and tooling

the poor stability, reliability and durability of China's high-end printing equipment, in addition to quality management and other problems, is closely related to the lack of intelligent equipment and special tool tooling of China's printing machine manufacturers. Although China's manufacturing enterprises have undergone years of technological transformation and upgrading, most enterprises only use intelligent numerical control equipment to process the parts they pay attention to, while a large number of ordinary parts still use the single machine processing method of one person, one machine and one knife. Foreign advanced enterprises generally use professional automatic flow production lines for all parts, with high processing efficiency and good consistency of parts quality, while domestic enterprises generally use single machine production operations, with low processing efficiency, The processing of product parts has great fluctuation, poor stability, low interchangeability and versatility. In particular, the installation of this kind of plastic granulator equipment causes serious environmental pollution. The international advanced offset press manufacturers generally use assembly lines for production, and the special tools, tooling and testing equipment are complete. They rely entirely on equipment to ensure quality, basically excluding human factors, and all product standards and quality are consistent. In China, it is mainly assembled and produced by professional teams. There are insufficient special tools and tooling for processing, few special testing equipment, incomplete assembly standards, and lack of unified standards. Many enterprises mainly rely on the operation technology of assembly workers to ensure quality. Product quality depends on the technical level of workers to a certain extent, but the subsequent protection cost and use cost are very high, depending on the hearts of workers, not only the production efficiency is low, Moreover, it is often difficult to guarantee the quality, stability, reliability and consistency of products. Although a few enterprises have adopted assembly lines for assembly production, they are still at a low level compared with foreign advanced assembly lines

4. Low socialization level of supporting products

most of China's printing machine equipment manufacturers are large and complete, and the parts and accessories required by the whole machine are basically developed and manufactured by themselves. The socialization level of supporting products is low, such as the paper feeder of offset press, ink remote control device, automatic overprint device, color control, partial digitization Intelligent control devices are basically developed and produced by the whole machine manufacturing enterprises themselves. Otherwise, the printing machine manufacturing enterprises in China are small in scale, weak in R & D capacity, and there are still difficulties in breaking through in a certain part, let alone all aspects

at present, the supporting parts manufacturing enterprises of printing machines in China often have poor equipment conditions, low technical level, imperfect management, and it is difficult to ensure the consistency and interchangeability of supporting parts. In foreign countries, the processing and production of supporting products and parts are basically developed and produced by special supporting enterprises. These supporting enterprises focus on a certain supporting product or part to make a breakthrough, and form professional production, and the quality of supporting products is guaranteed. The whole machine manufacturer focuses on improving the host itself, and the rest is technology integration, which is easier to improve the product level

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