On the development of Chongqing printing industry

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On the development road of Chongqing printing industry (I)

the development of printing industry is the inevitable requirement of economic, cultural and social development. Since Chongqing became a municipality directly under the central government, all aspects of society have developed rapidly. In 2005, the GDP is expected to reach 300billion yuan, and the development momentum of the cultural publishing industry is gratifying. Therefore, how to actively promote and rapidly develop the printing industry in Chongqing is a problem worthy of in-depth discussion and great attention

I. The current situation of Chongqing's printing industry

1. The scale is relatively small and the output value is relatively low. In 2003, the total output value of the national printing industry reached 280billion yuan, accounting for about 3% of the national GDP that year. Among the more than 90000 printing enterprises in China, the annual sales revenue of more than 5million yuan accounts for about 5%, and that of more than 100million yuan accounts for about 0.5%. However, the total output value of Chongqing's printing industry in 2003 was less than 2.8 billion yuan, accounting for only 1.2% of Chongqing's GDP that year, far below the domestic average. Among the nearly 3000 printing enterprises in the city, less than 50 have annual sales of more than 5million yuan, and only fiveorsix have annual sales of more than 50million yuan. Therefore, the overall scale of Chongqing's printing industry is not large, and a real printing enterprise group has not been established. The vast majority of enterprises have low output and low output value, which do not meet the needs of the rapid economic and social development of Chongqing

2. low quality of personnel and shortage of talents

the printing process is complex, involving many types of work and links. There are not only more automated and mechanized printing processes, but also more manual processes and work. Therefore, printing practitioners are required to not only have relevant professional knowledge of printing, but also be familiar with and master relevant printing mechanical performance, and skillfully use some manual operations in the printing process. However, in Chongqing printing enterprises, the vast majority of employees are rural migrant workers. They didn't receive special printing training. They learned to operate the machine at a little bit mainly through the way that the master led the apprentice. Few management, technical and quality inspection personnel in printing enterprises have received secondary and higher education. As far as the printing industry in Chongqing is concerned, as long as you want to see the specific conditions of the machine, it really does not have much attraction for printing professionals. Moreover, a large number of skilled personnel in the enterprise are losing. Therefore, Chongqing has concentrated a large number of new technology printing industry. In fact, there is a situation of low quality and shortage of talents. Due to the lack of strong technical and talent support, the development of Chongqing's printing industry will be greatly restricted

3. outdated equipment and backward technology

according to the statistics of Chongqing's printing industry in 1999, the main printing equipment in Chongqing is as follows: 501 folio monochrome Offset printing machines, 120 folio monochrome Offset printing machines, 24 folio double-sided monochrome Offset printing machines, 22 folio four-color offset printing machines (including imported machines), 19 folio four-color offset printing machines (including imported machines), There are 45 offset printing rotary machines of various models (including one eight color rotary machine) and 13 binding production equipment. After the development of point-to-point enterprise cooperation in recent years, Chongqing's printing equipment has been partially improved and increased. A new set of Heidelberg M600 commercial rotary eight color printing machine, more than 10 split four-color printing machines, and a new batch of 787, 890 monochrome and two-color rotary machines, automatic folding machines, but during this period, horse riding binding linkage lines, binding linkage lines, etc. Even so, the printing equipment in Chongqing is still quite old. Even the newly added equipment is mostly obsolete products from Guangdong, Shenzhen and other places, and its performance and technical indicators can no longer meet the printing requirements of Guangdong, Shenzhen and other places. As most printing enterprises in Chongqing can only accept the price of second-hand equipment, second-hand printing machines have become the preferred target of printing enterprises in Chongqing. Due to congenital deficiencies and the fact that Chongqing printing industry pays little attention to the deep processing equipment and technology of printing materials, the quality of printing materials in Chongqing has been low, which is also one of the important reasons why Chongqing printing industry is difficult to win the national printing Award (excellent products of the General Administration of Publishing)

4. pay attention to quantity and ignore quality

as far as Chongqing publication and printing enterprises are concerned, they have to complete the printing and binding tasks of books and textbooks with 60million volumes, nearly 600million yuan, 700000 paper orders and about 3million color orders every year. These tasks are mainly concentrated in December, January and February and may, June, July and August of each year. Therefore, it can be said that Chongqing printing enterprises have made great efforts to ensure the publishing time and quantity of books and textbooks, and have paid more attention to it for a long time. But in fact, it is a very arduous task to complete the printing and binding of such a large number of books and textbooks in a few months. Therefore, Chongqing printing industry has gradually formed the understanding that quantity and time are the first. From managers to printing workers, they always pay more attention to delivery time and quantity rather than printing quality. Therefore, the printing and packaging quality of batch books and textbooks produced by Chongqing printing enterprises is always very general, and even many batch products of books and textbooks have serious printing and packaging quality problems. The poor printing and binding quality of books and textbooks has been the most concerned and headache problem in Chongqing Publishing Industry, because it has directly damaged the image and reputation of Chongqing Publishing Industry in the book market and readers

5. Poor management and low efficiency

on the whole, the management of Chongqing printing enterprises is still very backward, the modern enterprise system has not been really established, and most of the established enterprises are not running well. The management of Chongqing printing industry is poor, which is prominently manifested in: the organization and management of production cannot use modern management means and methods; In terms of human resources management, there is no competitive mechanism to attract talents, and we do not pay attention to the cultivation and reserve of talents; In terms of quality management, we cannot scientifically formulate and strictly implement quality management methods, do not pay attention to improving the quality awareness of employees, and cannot systematically, comprehensively and consistently strictly manage quality. Multiple commands, arbitrary orders, no orders, sloppy, irresponsible, and no system will inevitably make the management of printing enterprises disordered, continuous problems, and even serious problems, and the corporate image and efficiency will be greatly affected

6. unable to go out and slow development

the printing industry in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai Bay area is relatively developed, and its printing enterprises are large in scale and quantity, mainly oriented to the outward development mode, processing and contracting high-quality printing products at home and abroad. Therefore, the printing industry in these areas has great influence and rapid development. However, the development of printing industry in Chongqing is slow. Since Chongqing became a municipality directly under the central government, there has been little change and development, and some national designated enterprises of books and periodicals are on the verge of bankruptcy. Due to the slow development and weak enterprise strength, the vast majority of printing enterprises adhere to the work of Chongqing Publishing Industry, and pay close attention to work when there is work, and rest when there is no work. They simply do not take it as an important goal of enterprise management to seek jobs across the country and abroad. Therefore, if you don't go out, you can't go out

II. Opportunities and challenges faced by Chongqing's printing industry

1. The rapid development of Chongqing's economy, culture and society

Chongqing is an important industrial and commercial town in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. After the reform and opening up, the central government decided in 1983 that Chongqing was the first city specifically designated in the national plan, and the first pilot of comprehensive economic system reform was carried out in the country. After the 1990s, with the transfer of China's economic development strategy from east to west, the central government has successively put forward and implemented the development strategy of the Yangtze River economic belt, started the construction of the Three Gorges project, implemented the western development, and established Chongqing municipality directly under the central government. In 2003, Chongqing became the only provincial-level region in the west to pilot the reform of the cultural system. History has chosen Chongqing again and again, and opportunities have favored Chongqing again and again, which will surely create more and better conditions for the rapid development of Chongqing, and Chongqing will surely achieve the grand development goal of building itself into an economic center in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. In 2004, Chongqing's GDP reached 266.539 billion yuan, an increase of 12.2% over 2003. The rapid development of Chongqing is a rare opportunity for Chongqing's printing industry to obtain new development. Only by continuously meeting the needs of Chongqing's development and better serving Chongqing's economic, social and cultural publishing, can Chongqing's printing industry really grow

2. The impact of printing industry from Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and other regions

the great development of Chongqing is obvious to all in the country, and it is also quite promising abroad. The successful holding of the third annual meeting of the Asian Parliamentary Association for peace (AAPP) and the summit of Asian city mayors, Chongqing's better hosting of the AFC Chongqing football match, as well as Chongqing Hong Kong week and Hong Kong Chongqing Week activities, all indicate that Chongqing's influence has spread far at home and abroad. Therefore, the printing industry in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and other regions, as well as the printing industry in Chengdu around us, have long targeted Chongqing as a market, printing high-end printing products in Chongqing with various convenience and preferential conditions, thus further squeezing the living space of Chongqing's printing industry. It is estimated that the value of printing and processing goods flowing to other places in Chongqing every year is as much as 300million yuan. Therefore, how to keep Chongqing's share of the printing industry in Chongqing has become a matter of vital importance to the development of Chongqing's printing industry, and even to the life and death of Chongqing's printing industry

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