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On book binding design

on my bookshelf, those books with exquisite printing and beautiful cover design are always placed in the safest and visible place for me, because I am particularly concerned about them, for fear that the book accidentally fell from the bookshelf and broke the spine or folded the pages. Maybe this is related to the reason that my initial friction and wear experimental machine was built through pure machinery, Indeed, I prefer excellent design works. Beautiful book covers can also attract my attention and make me pay for them as my own. When shopping in bookstores, when I see books with beautiful printing and design, whether they are useful or useless, I will pay for them. This may not be controlled by reason, but sometimes it will be constrained by money, hehe. To put it simply, I love books, and I prefer beautiful book binding. Let me talk about my understanding of the art of book binding, hoping to get the recognition and advice of my peers and teachers

books are available in almost every family, but not everyone can understand the art of book binding. Is this the same as people living in houses every day instead of everyone understanding architectural art and clamping the other end of the specimen in the same way? The artistic value of practical things is often ignored

if we understand it from the full sense of "ouyangming said binding of books", it can be said that there can be no books without book binding, and even the spirit cannot be separated from the same body. Even if the "book binding" is confined to the scope of art, without book binding, books will be simple and lack of beauty, and the appearance of white paper and white skin is not difficult to imagine

in "book binding", I don't want to explain many terms one by one, such as early deformation measuring device and safety protection device. Before the production of four parts of the text, such as the knot rope chronicle, to the ancient Chinese Jane, CE, Wei Bian, silk Bian, Ji, thread binding, book eyebrow, etc., I believe that friends who love book binding also know one or two. Some people misunderstand "book binding art" as only referring to the design of cover and front page ring lining, At most, including illustrations, although this understanding is not comprehensive, it also shows that the cover, illustrations and title pages play a prominent role in book binding design

here I mainly talk about my own experience in the cover design. ① the cover is the appearance of a book, which not only reflects the content and nature of the book, but also gives readers the enjoyment of beauty, and also plays a role in protecting books. The cover design includes the title of the book, the name of the editor, the name of the publishing house and other words, as well as the decorative image, color and composition. How to make the cover reflect the content, nature and genre of the book, and how to make the cover play the role of inducing people's psychology and enlightening people's thinking, is the most important part of cover design. ② The shape of cover design. The shape should have obvious characteristics such as the age and cultural level of the reader. For example, the image of children's books should be specific, true and accurate, and the composition should be lively, especially highlighting knowledge and interest; For the reading materials of middle-aged and young people to the elderly, the image can gradually change from concrete to abstract, and symbolic techniques should be adopted. The composition can also change from lively form to serious and solemn form. ③ Color of cover design. Color is determined by the content of the book and the age and cultural level of the reading object. Bright colors are often used in children's books; Calm and harmonious colors are suitable for middle-aged and elderly readers; The color between bright color and gray is suitable for young people's reading materials. In addition, the content of the book also has specific requirements for color, such as books describing the historical traces of revolutionary struggle should use red tone; Books with the content of exposing the ugly phenomena of the dark society should use white and black; Red and green colors are the best way to show youthful vitality. For readers, they have different preferences for the color of books due to different cultural qualities, nationalities and occupations

book binding design needs to be the same as other decoration design.

after investigation and research, the design procedure of checking and proofreading is reached. First of all, learn the essence of the original work from the knowledge entrepreneur -- the author, or the text. And through their own reading, understanding, deepening the content, nature, characteristics and reader object of the object they want to frame, and so on. If you are an expert, you need to draw up a plan for the form of books. Solve the problems of size, size, hardcover, paperback, paper and printing of folios. For a designer. What we should care about is how to operate under the given format, materials and printing process conditions. Through imagination, we can mobilize our own design talents and make its artistic aesthetic pursuit echo with the connotation of the "cultural form" of books. Books of literature and art emphasize various forms, and children's books pursue innocence and liveliness. It also requires further deepening to achieve the full harmonious expression of the understanding scale of manuscripts and the artistic expression scale in creation. With rich expression techniques and rich expression contents, the intuitive cognition (visual physiology) of visual thinking and the reasoning cognition (Visual Psychology) of visual thinking are highly unified, so as to meet the various requirements of people's knowledge, imagination and aesthetics

book binding is both three-dimensional and plane, which is composed of many planes. Not only can you see the cover, back cover and spine from the outside, but also from the outside to the inside, with the visual flow of people, every page is flat. All these planes should be designed to give people a beautiful feeling. Some people use architectural art as a metaphor for book binding. Architectural art is a space art and static art. However, through layout, it can produce rhythm and create a sense of flow. The same is true of book binding, which approaches the text step by step through the cover, ring lining and title page

this continuous appreciation process is like visiting Chinese gardens. Enter the garden gate, and gradually lead to depth, winding paths lead to seclusion. Finally, enter the main hall. Through the window of illustration in the main hall, you can see the image, activities and environment of the master recorded in the text. This continuous process from outside to inside produces different rhythmic changes according to different types and styles of book content; Literary and art books with a strong emotional color should change in a larger and more lively form; Serious theoretical monographs require a clear hierarchy and a rigorous sense of order in their design

of course, finally, for book binding design, each designer will have his own emphasis and ideas. Some pay attention to the use of color, express the content of the book with abstract graphics and personalized colors, and some pay attention to the integrity of modeling to tell the story of a book. This is like our still life painting, the same group of still life different human paintings will have several different pictures, Because the still lives they see focus on different things. Some pay attention to light, some may pay attention to color, and others may always pay attention to modeling. With some digressions, we all know that books are the main way for human wisdom to accumulate, spread and continue, and the symbol of human civilization and progress. Reading more books will increase our knowledge and enlighten our wisdom and soul; It will make people from ignorance to wisdom, from vulgarity to nobility; It will help people establish a correct outlook on life and more actively participate in their study and work. So we should read more books, cherish books, and also understand some knowledge of book binding

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