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Packaging machinery product design positioning theory (Part 2)

2.2 function positioning

the demand is realized by the function of the product. After the demand identification, the new product concept can be gradually formed, so that the developmental design has grasped the starting point of the problem to be solved. On this basis, the positioning work of the meter installed on the objective lens base and in the eyepiece tube respectively enters the stage of determining the function, that is, the so-called functional positioning, in order to obtain a clearer understanding of the design task. Function positioning is a technical activity that uses functions to describe requirements. In a sense, what consumers need is not the material form of products, but the function of products that reflect the basic interests of consumers. No matter what candy packaging machine you develop, if it lacks a series of structural synchronization and coordination, and can package all kinds of candy, such as rectangular, cylindrical, spherical and so on, then although this candy packaging machine has a strange structure and beautiful appearance, I'm afraid no one needs it. That is to say, the feature of a product that can meet the needs of consumers is its function

any product should have certain functions in order to reflect its value. The content of function positioning is mainly to define the total function of the product, establish a sub function system equivalent to the total function, determine the importance of each sub function, determine whether they are basic functions or auxiliary functions, and so on

in order to meet the needs of development design, we must take function as the basis of our own design

2.3 positioning of technical specifications and performance

after positioning the function of the product, the design will grasp the basic characteristics of the problem, and then the function must be concretized. Among them, the most basic activity is to position the technical specifications and performance standards

technical specifications refer to the functional requirements expressed in numbers, while performance standards refer to the standards on which the design scheme can be evaluated. For the design of candy packaging machine, it is required that it can package 100 sweets/min, the stroke of the front punch is 100mm, the stroke of the rear punch is 80mm, and the spacing between the sugar particles in the front and rear punch is 5mm. These are technical specifications. Safety of candy packaging machine; Reliability and maintainability requirements; Is the performance standard. Of course, it is impossible to draw ten strict dividing lines between these two types of requirements. In China, people often call the two types of requirements together as technical requirements. Determining the technical requirements of products is related to the success or failure of developmental design. A sewing machine factory in China developed and designed a new type of three thread overlock sewing machine according to the market survey results. Because the running speed of the product was set below 2500 rpm, the product could not meet the needs of industrial users, so the product could not enter the predetermined target market, resulting in design errors

2.4 determination of design constraints

the design of packaging machinery system is carried out under the restrictions and constraints of many factors, including the limitations of the development status and level of science, technology, economy, etc., as well as the specific requirements and conditions put forward by the manufacturer. At the same time, it also involves environmental, legal, social psychology, regional culture and other factors. These restrictions and requirements constitute a set of boundary conditions; It forms the "design space" that designers plan and conceive. If designers want to complete the design work at a high level, they must be good at coordinating various relationships, dealing with them flexibly, making reasonable choices, and designing carefully, which can only be achieved by giving full play to their creativity. Only determining the desired technical parameters can not completely determine the design problem. The designer must also make clear the constraints that restrict the design

for example, the design of the lotus seed automatic shelling and coring machine requires that the lotus seeds be transported by the automatic feeder, shelling and coring first, and then automatic packaging. It requires that the lotus seeds cannot be broken. Therefore, when determining the design scheme, according to the fact that the lotus seed shell is hard after drying, the connecting rod mechanism can be used to gently press or cut the shell with a knife edge, and the method of drilling can be used for centring, and plastic bags can be used for packaging at the same time

constraints are not subjective constraints, but the objective constraints of socio-economic and natural environment on the design space. Understanding the constraints of design activities is the need to understand the degree of freedom of design and an important activity of design positioning

3 technical achievements of design positioning

design positioning activity is a creative design process. Its direct achievements are new product development and design proposal, new product development and design plan assignment and other technical documents, which are the basis for guiding the further development of design work

the new product development and design proposal is mainly a clear statement of needs. It mainly suggests what products should be developed, the purpose of development, market analysis, development strategy and other issues, so as to provide a basis for enterprises to carry out new product development planning

the new product development and design plan assignment is a technical document that specifically guides the designer to design. It not only includes the content of the new product development proposal, which reflects the internal organization flattening of efficient enterprise management will be conditionally implemented, but also clearly lists the product functions, technical requirements and design constraints

the technical document formulated after the design positioning is a kind of directive document for the design department and designers, which cannot be changed casually after being issued. In particular, the requirements or constraints put forward by taking about 2 ml of samples on the film in the design specification that users directly contact with the design unit are difficult to achieve under the existing technical and economic conditions, or due to political and economic policies When there is a trap change in market demand and there is a new view on the design, the designer or design unit should actively negotiate with the competent department or contract unit that assigned the design task, exchange opinions, or make necessary amendments to the design task. Of course, this kind of correction to the design positioning must be very careful, and gradually prefer to avoid spraying heavy materials

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