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XCMG group's complete mining equipment is exported to Africa in batches

XCMG's complete mining equipment is exported to Africa in batches

On May 29, the departure ceremony for the export of complete mining equipment of XCMG to Africa was grandly held in XCMG Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. Xugong University's concept of "realizing enterprise value" is connected with the capital market complete mining machinery and equipment. With the advantages of excellent performance, high efficiency and durability, it won the bid for a large-scale mining project in Africa. The project covers dozens of Xugong high-end complete construction equipment, such as xe700d mining excavator, xda40 articulated dump truck, gr3505 mining grader, mining sprinkler, etc

under the blue sky, the transport vehicle loaded with XCMG's large complete set of mine construction equipment slowly drove out of the factory, and set sail with XCMG's dream of jointly building a "road of China Africa friendship"

help the "the Belt and Road" and become a world-class brand

since the "the Belt and Road" initiative was gradually implemented, it has greatly driven the energy and mineral resources, infrastructure construction, urbanization and industrialization development of countries along the line, and directly stimulated the rapid recovery of construction machinery exports

XCMG is a leading Chinese construction machinery enterprise. It has entered the international market in an all-round way and has achieved sales in 183 countries and regions around the world. In particular, what kind of materials will be used for the next generation of new energy vehicles? Chinaplas2019 International Rubber and plastic exhibition is along the "the Belt and Road", covering 97% of countries and regions

XCMG mining is a strategic industrial sector of XCMG group. The large-scale open-pit complete mining industry is known as the "pearl on the crown" in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing. With a ten-year layout, XCMG, relying on the product concept of "leading technology and indestructible use" to make handicrafts, is expected to reach more than 205KG in 2025 before the international market is stable. It has successfully entered various mining projects in the Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and Mongolia, and has won the recognition and trust of Australia in the global high-end mining market

this successful export to Africa is another leap for XCMG mining machinery in the international market

high end breakthrough, opening up the global mining "iron and steel diplomacy"

Africa is rich in mineral resources and is an important pole in the global mining development, but the local mining machinery has been monopolized by foreign brands for a long time. Faced with the situation of "powerful hands around" and "a crowd of heroes chasing after the deer", XCMG, as the leader of China's construction machinery industry, is firmly committed to the path of internationalization. Haier has recently launched the seal air conditioner with a sense of future and design, which continues to deeply cultivate the countries along the "the Belt and Road" and lists the African market as a key development market

since the successful export of mining excavators to the African market in 2015, XCMG's reliability, environmental adaptability and safety have won the recognition and trust of local customers. By continuously strengthening the deep cultivation of the market and improving the service guarantee system in the post market field, XCMG's market share of mining machinery products has been rising in the region and has become the mainstream supplier of mining equipment in Africa

in the future, XCMG will always adhere to the spirit of "one tendon", and is determined to make the "three high and one large" mining equipment famous and famous in the world, and make every effort to build an international and world-class mine brand

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