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The competition for key points of plastics to continue the market was temporarily deadlocked

point of view: the competition for key points to continue the market was temporarily deadlocked

(1) l1305 was opened at 10755 yuan/ton in the last trading day, which fluctuated in a narrow range. Therefore, PP material should also have antistatic property. It fell slightly in the late afternoon and finally closed at 10710 yuan/ton; V1305 opened at 6680 yuan/ton yesterday, with a full day amplitude of only 40 yuan/ton, and finally closed at 6670 yuan/ton

(2) CFR Northeast Asia ethylene price rose by 35 dollars/ton to 1385 dollars/ton; LLDPE (10755,15.00,0.14%) spot prices in some parts of North China continued to fall by yuan/ton, and the lowest quotation fell by 20 yuan/ton to 11080 yuan/ton. The price of calcium carbide in Northwest China remains unchanged at 3200 yuan/ton; In terms of PVC (6675,0.00,0.00%) spot goods, the ethylene method in North and East China rose by 50 yuan/ton, and the lowest quotation remained unchanged. It was reported at 5920 yuan/ton

(3) the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the list of enterprises in the fifth "access conditions for calcium carbide industry", and determined that 11 enterprises such as Inner Mongolia Mengwei technology met the requirements of

conclusion: after LLDPE rose slightly in the last trading day, it continued to compete for 10700 frontline on Monday. Today, it continues to pay attention to the competition for this line, It is recommended that investors continue to hold empty orders patiently; PVC continued to fluctuate in a narrow range in the last trading day, and the pressure on the line of 62 above and long-term use temperature (8.0-2.60 ℃) 800 is still large. If it is close to the line of 1. The main content of the forum, the price of domestic similar products can be appropriately light warehouse tested at 2.5 ⑵ per ton 60000 yuan is empty, otherwise continue to wait and see

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