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The compatibility of materials should be considered for the sealing of plastic cup and cover film

plastic cup packaging is a main packaging form of yogurt packaging at present, with an annual total output of nearly 3million tons, and plastic cup and cover film are inseparable. Therefore, we need to pay special attention to the matching between the plastic cup and the cover film:

the matching of materials must be taken into account when sealing the plastic cup and the cover film. Different materials of the plastic cup make different materials of the inner layer of the cover film used for sealing. At the same time, the sealing method, sealing temperature, sealing pressure and other factors of the filling and sealing equipment all affect the sealing effect of the plastic cup. The key to match the plastic cup with the film is to pay attention to the temperature and time when sealing the film; If the temperature is too high or the time is too long, the cover film may be difficult to tear or tear

but when consumers use it. Delamination often occurs when the cover film is torn. The specific reasons and solutions for this problem are as follows:

the composite strength of the cover film itself does not meet the requirements; The selected capping film is not matched with the production process, and the common capping film is used as the high temperature resistant capping film for secondary sterilization, which leads to the development trend of automotive parts delamination; There are two types of cover films: easy to tear and firm. If a firm cover material is used and a strong force is used to tear it, it will cause delamination of fixed pet and CPP; Polyurethane glue is used for the covering film. If the pH of the filling content is too high, or other corrosive substances will penetrate CPP and corrode pet, resulting in delamination

in addition, the cover film is difficult to tear and easy to tear. There are two specific reasons:

first, the cover film has two types: easy to tear type and firm type. The customer selects the corresponding cover film according to the product market positioning and the material of the plastic cup

second, the composite material can also be widely used in building decoration, furniture, sports equipment and other fields. If the sealing temperature is too high and the pressure is too high, the easy tearing type will become a solid type. It is particularly important to strictly control the use conditions

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